Mesotherapy for rejuvenation of hands, for treating alopecia, stretch marks, scars and local fats

Mesotherapy is one of the serious methods for contemporary adequate counteraction to ageing processes and preserving youthful appearance without surgical intervention. This safe method successfully acts against cellulite, overweight, local fat accumulation, sagged, dull and dehydrated skin, alopecia, pigmentations, stretch marks and scars.

Mesotherapy is a treatment of micro-injecting cocktails of active substances /vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, aminoacids, nucleobases, antioxydant, hyaluronic acid, etc. / in the superficial, medium or deeper dermal layer – depending on the treatment zone, products and techniques used. The method ensures a precise infiltration of active substances which facilitate cell metabolism, stimulate collagen and elastin biosynthesis, control pigment formation processes and restore local micro-circulation.
skin rejuvenation
The effect of mesotherapy is complex. Besides the action of the injected substances, the numerous punctures are also important for the skin cells to receive impulses for regeneration.

Мезотерапия на тяло
Мезотерапия тяло

Skin tonus is increased, metabolic processes are activated, and the central nervous system is stimulated. Injecting is performed with a special mesogun or through various manual techniques. Number of procedures is determined on the basis of application and medical protocol. Mesotherapy is a comparatively short procedure, has a high tolerability and minimal side effects.


revitalizes and strengthens hair follicle, nourishes and hydrates scalp

breaks down fat, drains, improves blood circulation

regenerates, improves skin elasticity

hydrates, firms, rejuvenates, restores tonus

Trained Mesotherapy doctors

Mesotherapies for body

Mesotherapy for body
Mesotherapy for cellulite
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Mesotherapy for strech marks
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