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Cynosure is an American company – the creator of the Alexandrite laser and a world leader in the production of laser systems designed for laser hair removal, aesthetic and medical purposes.

Cynosure currently holds 37 U.S. patents and 14 different laser systems that are used in over 60 countries worldwide.

Cynosure is the most recognized and proven brand of laser systems – the benchmark for quality treatments and the byword for “laser hair removal” in the world with hundreds of clinical studies.

Laser hair removal with Cynosure Elite+

Cynosure Elite+ is the world’s fastest and most effective laser for laser hair removal.

Cynosure Elite+ is a medical laser platform that combines two separate lasers –

  • Alexandrite laser (755nm) – the “heavy artillery” in laser hair removal – the only laser proven effective on thin and fine to light hairs, suitable for phototype I, II, III and IV skin. Clinical studies show a 79% reduction in unwanted hair after only 3 treatments.
  • Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) – with its wavelength, the powerful Nd:YAG laser is the safest yet most effective laser for treating darker skin – phototype V to VI as well as tanned skin.

In fact, the Cynosure Elite+ laser platform is the first one in Bulgaria covering absolutely all skin and hair phototypes.

Advantages of laser hair removal with Cynosure Elite+?

Also operating independently is Zimmer MedizinSystems’ Cryo 6 / Ecomed’s Ecocool cooling system, with cooling capabilities down to -40°C, specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort, pain-free and burning-free during aesthetic laser procedures.

Who is laser hair removal with Cynosure suitable for?

For everyone! By starting laser hair removal treatments, Cynosure will save you not only time, but also financially due to the fewer number of treatments you will do in a full laser hair removal course.

What’s more, the end result, measured in percentage hair reduction, is unmatched by other laser systems.

In this regard, this particular laser system is preferred by patients who have already undergone a course of laser hair removal with other laser systems, reached their maximum result or an unsatisfactory one, respectively.

What result can you expect after 1 treatment?

Laser radiation destroys the hair follicle only when it is in the growth phase or no more than 20% of a procedure. This is the maximum result that can be expected from 1 laser hair removal procedure. Therefore, in order to achieve the final result, it is necessary to perform several treatments to treat all the hairs while they are in this phase.

The results are most visible after the first treatments when the hair is at its darkest, thickest and stiffest. Almost all laser systems show good results here. After that, however, most become ineffective and all they achieve is a temporary slowing of its growth.

Areas such as the legs and arms as well as the face in women and the back in men are areas that are most often treated with an epilator or waxing, resulting in hair in these areas becoming finer and less pigmented. This type of hair is very difficult and unsatisfactory to treat with most lasers on the market and requires the delivery of high energy for a short time (small pulse length).

Cynosure is one of the few laser systems that operates two flash lamps simultaneously. Combined with twice the power of this laser system (requiring a 32A power supply) and the ability to produce a tremendous amount of energy in an extremely short time (max 5ms), this laser system is capable of successfully devouring even the thinnest and most non-pigmented hairs. More about laser hair removal here.

Why is Cynosure's Alexandrite laser the most effective laser for laser hair removal?

Other treatments with Cynosure Elite+

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