Mesotherapy IAL-System

IAL – System and IAL – System ACP of the Italian company Fidia Farmaceutici are innovative biorevitalizing products containing natural biointeractive hyaluronic acid for intensive regeneration and revitalization with bio-stimulating action. The therapeutic program with these products has been called the “Gold Standard” for biorevitalization.

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AL-System – natural highly purified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with a concentration of 18 mg/ml (1.1 ml)

IAL-System ACP – an exclusive patent of Fidia Farmaceutici, an “internal ester” of hyaluronic acid obtained by “auto crosslink” technology, with a concentration of 20 mg/ml (1 ml). It is designed to optimize the bio-vitalizing processes in the skin, by creating a “depot” of hyaluronic acid in the skin with full preservation of its biological activity, which can be maintained over time. The product has no analogues in the world!

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