Cellulite is enlarged “pockets” of fat cells that are pushed to the surface of the skin by inflexible connective tissues. It mainly affects women. Cellulite is seen as uneven skin consisting of dimpling, together with accompanying raised areas. It is most commonly found on the buttocks and buttock area, but can also be seen on the arms and abdominal area. It is often referred to as orange skin syndrome. In cases where the patient has cellulitis, he has an increased number of fibrous septae (connective tissues) that tighten and harden, making the skin less flexible. This creates the “pockets” of fat cells, and subsequently the illusion of dimpling. Most women have this problem, but it is often more visible in overweight patients. Cellulitis is rarely seen in men. It is caused by 3 main biological factors – a thicker layer of hypodermal fat, a decrease in collagen, and hardening of fibrous septae.

Suitable therapies

Mesotherapy for Body

Mesotherapy for the body is one of the serious means of modern adequate counteraction of the aging process and preservation of youthful appearance.

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