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Cellulite is made up of enlarged “pockets” of fat cells, which are pushed towards the skin surface from non-flexible connective tissues. It affects mainly women. Cellulite manifests as uneven skin, consisting of dimples, together with raised zones. It is most often found on the hips and buttocks but can also appear on hands and the zone of the stomach. It is often called syndrome of orange skin. In cases in which the patient has cellulite, they have an increased number of fibrous septa (connective tissues), which get tighter and harder, making the skin less flexible. This creates the “pockets” of fat cells, and consequently the illusion of dimples. More women have this problem, but it is often more visible in patients who are overweight. Cellulite is a rare problem for men. It is caused by 3 main biological factors – a thicker layer of hypodermal fat, a decrease in collagen, hardening of the fibrous septa.