Botox for hyperchidrosis

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Hyperhidrosis is an overactivity of the sweat glands, which affects local areas (palms, soles, armpits, etc.) and often the whole body. The causes of the condition can be various factors such as stress, physical exertion, endocrine diseases, heredity, etc.

In modern medicine, the most effective treatment, albeit temporary, is achieved by a specialist doctor injecting botulinum toxin into the affected areas. The pricks are superficial and their number is determined individually by a preliminary test. The application of the product stops sweating by blocking the function of the sweat glands, for a period of 4 -6 months for the first application and up to 12 months or more for subsequent treatments. The action of Botox occurs within 1-3 days after injection.

The procedure is safe and harmless. It is only performed by a trained physician.

Botulinum toxin in hyperhidrosis carried out

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