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At Skin Line we haven't stopped doing laser hair removal since 2001

Package 1 of 6 laser hair removal in Skin Line Plovdiv at best prices

Quality laser hair removal is not expensive.

Take advantage of our best prices by purchasing Package 1 of 6 laser hair removal treatments on the area of your choice, and you’ll pay less than other places for the same effect.

Package 1 of 6 laser hair removal is not paid at once

Prepay only for the 6th treatment and enjoy the same affordable prices for the remaining treatments in the package

Why do I need to prepay for the 6th procedure?

By prepaying the last procedure of the package you commit to 6 laser hair removal treatments and we take the responsibility to achieve the maximum possible effect.

How do we guarantee maximum effect from laser hair removal?

With each subsequent procedure, we carefully select the maximum possible parameters that your skin can tolerate

Why is the package of 6 treatments?

To remove unwanted hair on most of your body, 6 laser hair removal treatments are enough. It is possible to have maintenance treatments afterwards, for which you keep the unit price of your package forever.

Laser hair removal promotions in Plovdiv

Six steps to successful laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is not a one-time act, but a course of 6 or more treatments done at a strictly defined interval. To remove unwanted hair with a minimum number of treatments and maximum effect, it is not enough to just trust the right clinic. It is also necessary to make an effort on your part. Even the most experienced therapist equipped with the most powerful and modern alexandrite laser is not able to deal with your unwanted hair if you do not follow our recommendations or the intervals between treatments.

This will give you enough time to complete your course of laser hair removal treatments before the sun starts shining intensely in the summer. In case you need to start laser hair removal in spring, do at least 4 treatments continuously and without sun exposure.

Your therapist knows your skin and monitors how it responds to the laser hair removal course. This allows him or her to increase or change the working parameters in such a way as to achieve maximum effect with each subsequent treatment.

The winter sun is always welcome, but not for the areas where you do laser hair removal. The greater contrast between the colour of the hairs and the surrounding skin allows for treatments with higher parameters and results in a reduction in the number of treatments needed and their effect. Do not visit a solarium during the entire laser hair removal course, even for the areas you do not treat. Do not use autobronzing products in the treated areas.

During your laser hair removal procedure, we act only on the hairs that are in the growth phase (anagen phase) or 20% – 25% of all the hairs on your body. The remaining hairs in telogen or catagen phases cannot be affected. After 30 to 50 days, the hairs treated during the previous procedure plus a new 20% – 25% of your hairs will be in anagen phase and therefore the laser hair removal procedure must be repeated. If you miss or are very late for a procedureyou will give the already treated hairs a chance to recover, even though they will grow thinner and lighter.

Regardless of the clouds outside, the sun activates melanocytes in the unprotected areas of your skin and it gets a tan. The tan does not allow the next procedure to be carried out with maximum parameters due to the risk of burning. This in turn prolongs the duration and number of laser hair removal treatments.

Your therapist will introduce you to the full list of medications and supplements that can change the way your skin reacts to light. These include all antibiotics, vitamins in groups A and D, and taking magnesium and other supplements in large amounts. If you need to take such medications for medical reasons, inform your GP and they will advise you what to do.

What is laser hair removal?

The principle on which the laser hair removal is based is called “selective photothermolysis”, carried out by a highly precise technology – laser / “LASER” – stimulated emission of light with high energy. The laser produces light concentrated in a thin, coherent optical beam with a single wavelength, i.e. with particles moving in one direction. The effect of these beams is precisely measured and the emitted energy remains stable. The wavelength allows the light to be absorbed by the pigment melanin, a constituent of the hair follicle, rather than by the surrounding tissue, focusing the laser’s energy on the specific target. The energy, in turn, thermally destroys the follicle.

Types of lasers for laser hair removal

Choosing the right type of laser from the proven manufacturers of this type of equipment is paramount to achieving good results from the laser hair removal procedure. There are several types of laser systems that deliver light of a specific wavelength and pulse duration for absorption by the follicle’s melanin. The wavelength and pulse duration play a determining role in the precision of the method and the effectiveness of the procedure.

The Alexandrite laser is the “heavy artillery” of laser hair removal – the lowest number of treatments required and an unattainable end result of up to 97%. Since its creation in the USA in 1997 and its patenting in 2001 by the American laser hair removal company Cynosure, this type of laser has established itself as the most widely used type of laser and synonymous with the “laser hair removal” procedure in the world’s largest aesthetic markets – USA, UK, Italy, Germany, etc. With the efficient new generation alexandrite lasers, the shortest single treatment time is achieved as no gel application is required before the treatment and no clean-up afterwards. It is the only laser that achieves successful results in treating even light, fine and thin hairs. It is suitable for treatments on all skin types except dark skin and tanned skin (1-4 phototype). Due to the specific wavelength of 755nm, which is absorbed to the greatest extent by the melanin in the hairs, the Alexandrite laser manages to achieve the best results at the lowest energy levels, which is why its treatments are the most painless.

Its wavelength corresponds to the infrared region of the light spectrum, emitting stable energy. An advantage of Nd:Yag is its ability to identify the difference in melanin concentration in hair and skin, making it effective for all skin types but ineffective for fine and thin hairs. It also successfully treats darker skin (phototype 5 and 6). It is used for laser hair removal most often when the Alexandrite laser is unable to treat the area – in the darkest skin types – phototypes V and VI. As a disadvantage can be pointed out more painful sensation during the procedures.

The diode laser is generically different from all others, being composed of diodes or semiconductors which in combination provide the light source of the laser. This system is specifically designed and aimed at the mass user – most often cosmetic centers. These laser systems are characterized by lower power, do not require medical training of the operator, which makes the procedures very safe and less effective. Diode lasers cover all skin types (1 to 6). It is effective in treating hard and thick hairs (usually the first laser hair removal treatments) and ineffective in facial areas and on fine and thin hairs.

It is the first laser that is already in history. Its capabilities are quite limited to the treatment of dark hairs and light skin (phototype 1 and 2).

At Skin Line Plovdiv, we chose the American brand of laser systems Cynosure – the company that patented the Alexandrite laser for hair removal

Number and frequency of laser hair removal procedures

Hair growth is cyclic and asynchronous. There are 3 different growth phases – anagen, catagen and telogen. Laser hair removal destroys the follicle only when it is in an active growth phase (anagen). Therefore, in order to achieve a lasting and good effect and to treat all hairs in this phase (anagen), it is necessary to perform several procedures. They are carried out every 3 to 5 weeks. The number of treatments is individual. Already after the first procedure, a significant number of hair follicles are destroyed and the remaining ones atrophy. In addition to hair reduction, after the laser hair removal procedure, the hairs become thinner and less pigmented (light) and slow down their growth significantly. With each treatment, growth is slower and slower, resulting in a gradual increase in the period between laser hair removal treatments until maintenance treatments are performed one to two times per year. It is of utmost importance to respect the intervals between treatments so that the maximum number of hairs can be treated in their active phase. A longer interval between treatments would increase the number of treatments required, which for permanent hair removal is between 6-8 treatments for body areas and 8-10 treatments for the face.

Who performs laser hair removal at Skin Line Plovdiv?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and when working with Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers is performed by trained and experienced medical professionals. In Skin Line clinics in Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia the laser hair removal procedure is performed only by medical professionals.

Is LASER Epilation suitable for me?

Appropriate skin types

лазерна епилация - подходящи типове кожа

Appropriate hair colours

лазерна епилация - подходящи цветове на косата

Treatment areas and duration of the laser hair removal procedure

Before and after the laser hair removal procedure

  • Hairs should not be plucked with tweezers, colo-mask, epilator, etc. 2-3 weeks before the first procedure
  • Hair should be shaved the day before for body areas or trimmed with scissors for facial areas, so that in both cases there is a length of about 1mm at the time of the procedure. For facial areas DO NOT use a razor, trimmer or depilatory cream as these will thicken and stimulate hair growth.
  • A few days after the procedure you will notice hair growth in the treated area. This is NOT growth, but a consequence of the procedure and should NOT be treated. The hairs will fall out on their own after a few days.
  • During the entire period between treatments, it is recommended that hair not be removed except the day before the treatment using a razor, trimmer or depilatory cream for the body areas and scissors for the facial areas. DO NOT use tweezers, epilator or waxing between laser hair removal treatments as this disrupts hair growth and results in ineffective treatments.
  • Use a photoprotective cream with maximum protection factor (SPF 50+) after the procedure every few hours for at least 2 weeks
  • Avoid sun exposure, use of tanning beds, autobronzing products, bleaching, peeling products, acids, medications that increase photosensitivity

Side effects of laser hair removal

  • Sometimes, immediately after the procedure, it is possible to experience slight redness, swelling or burning in the treated area, which lasts from a few minutes to hours or 1-2 days and does not require specific treatment.
  • Superficial burn
  • Temporary hypo- or hyperpigmentation may occur, which is temporary and does not require specific treatment

Contraindications of laser hair removal

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Herpes infection
  • Epilepsy
  • Vitiligo
  • Open wounds, infections
  • Use of photosensitizing drugs
  • Radiotherapy performed in the treated area

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