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Project Description

For the first time in Bulgaria – PRF /plasma enriched with fibrin/ – therapy from regenerative medicine.

The newest natural skin regenerating anti-aging treatment using a plasma serum, appropriate in cases of volume loss, skin depressions, hollowness in the eye zones and wrinkles on the forehead.

(PRP) also known as “vampire lifting” is a well known procedure in aesthetic medicine, which in recent years has also been successfully applied to assist the skin regeneration process, hair regeneration process, and wound healing.

PRP is part of regenerative medicine, as well as next generation autologous therapy – the newest procedure is (PRF) – “plasma enriched with fibrin”, which is yet to become topic of conversation. This treatment is an evolution in the natural anti-aging as an instrument for tissue regeneration and rejuvenation using a plasma serum.

Fibrin is the biological scaffolding formed after injury everywhere in the body. Thrombocytes normally circulating the blood connect with this scaffolding. When they are connected, they become active and release growth factors, which look like small “granules”. These growth factors kick start the wound healing process by creating new skin cells, collagen and blood vessels.

Similarly to PRP, in PRF blood is drawn from the patient, it goes through a centrifuge to concentrate fibrin membranes enriched with thrombocytes, growth factors and white blood cells in the plasma solution. The biomaterial is then used to fill wrinkles, skin depressions, zones with loss of volume, hollowness around the eyes, forehead, and others, as well as achieve a lifting effect.


Using PRF growth factors are released as time passes, which means that the procedure has longer-term benefits than PRP. The growth factors stimulate stem cells, which improve the collagen and elastin levels in the skin. The thrombocytes in PRF are considered better surviving than those of PRP, so they assist the faster regeneration and new tissue formation.

PRF uses a natural fibrin biomaterial, collected without an anticoagulant and without any artificial biochemical modification and is completely safe. This procedure is a natural alternative of hyaluronic fillers for creating volume and achieving a lifting effect. It is also applied in zones which are taboo for hyaluronic fillers, and the material quantity is around 10ml. PRF is not only a filler, but a treatment, which regenerates the soft and hard tissue in the long-term.

PRP Plasmotherapy
Face and Neck400lv
Scalp 400lv
PRF 1000lv

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