FORMA is an innovative procedure for non-invasive remodeling and facelift.

FORMA uses a new generation of radio frequency energy and performs effective, comfortable and painless treatment of problem areas. FORMA is suitable for the face, neck, décolleté and the area around the eyes. FORMA remodels and tightens the facial contour by stimulating the production of its own collagen. FORMA uses a new generation of radio frequency energy, delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, works evenly and does not leave areas that are treated more or less than others for maximum safety and harmonious results. The procedure is performed with the FORMA tip of BODYtite – the most popular minimally invasive platform of INMODE.

Key advantages of FORMA

  • FORMA stimulates, restructures and thickens collagen fibers for improved skin texture and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

  • FORMA evenly heats the tissues

  • FORMA actively controls the reached temperature

  • FORMA is a pleasant and painless procedure

FORMA in detail

FORMA is suitable for face, neck, décolleté and contour

FORMA remodels the skin by delivering radio frequency energy to the deep layers of the skin in a controlled manner.

FORMA tightens facial skin by improving skin texture, stimulating, restructuring and thickening collagen fibers.

FORMA smoothes and rejuvenates the skin for a more natural and radiant look.

FORMA can be combined with other procedures such as LPG Ergolift, Morpheus8, or mesotherapy for even more impressive results.

FORMA is safe thanks to the built-in sensor for constant and precise control of the therapeutic temperature.

FORMA is painless and there is no recovery period after the procedure.

FORMA is a comfortable procedure. Most patients compare it to a hot stone massage. After the procedure, some patients may notice a slight redness in the treated areas, which decreases and disappears within a few hours.

What results can we expect from FORMA?

Several sessions are needed to achieve visible results, and 6 to 8 are needed for optimal results. FORMA is not a permanent procedure, so after the first course, the therapist offers an individual support program, through which the results will be preserved as long as possible. During the procedure, most patients feel warm and feel the skin in the area tighter. As the course of procedures progresses, patients notice reduced wrinkles on the skin, it becomes smoother, more elastic, toned and lifted. It is desirable that FORMA procedures be combined with a healthy lifestyle and fluid intake.

Anti-aging процедуриЦена
Радиочестотен лифтинг с Venus Legacy / Inmode Forma
Лице + Шия (40мин)200лв
Лице (30мин)160лв
Шия (вкл. двойна брадичка) (15мин)60лв
Деколте (15мин)60лв
Очи (15мин)60лв
Шия + Деколте (30мин)110лв
Лице + Шия + Деколте (60мин)250лв

За горепосочените зони или комбинация от зони с Venus Legacy / Inmode Forma, закупени в пакет, важат следните отстъпки:
3пр. – 20% отстъпка; 6пр. – 30% отстъпка

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