Project Description

FORMA is an innovative procedure for noninvasive remodeling and lifting of the face. 

FORMA utilizes a radio frequency of new age for effective, comfortable and painless treatment of the problem zones. FORMA is suitable for the face, neck, decollete and the eye contour. FORMA remodels and lifts the face contour by stimulating own collagen synthesis.  FORMA utilizes radio frequency of new age, targets deep layers of the skin, while working evenly and doesn’t leave any zones undertreated overtreated for maximum safety and comfort. The procedure is done by the applicator FORMA of BODYtite – the most popular minimally invasive platform of INMODE.

FORMA key benefits

  • FORMA stimulates, restructure and reorganizes the collagen fibers for improved skin texture and appearance.

  • FORMA evenly heats the deep skin layers

  • FORMA constantly measures and controls achieved temperature

  • FORMA is safe and comfortable procedure

FORMA in details

FORMA is suitable for the face, neck, decollete and the eye contour

FORMA remodels the skin structure by fine tuned radio frequency of new age delivered evenly the the deep skin layers.

FORMA tightens the face skin, improves the skin texture, stimulates, restructure and dense the collagen fibers.

FORMA smooths and improves the fine lines and the wrinkles for naturally glowing appearance.

FORMA is compatible with other procedures like LPG Ergolift,  Morpheus8 or mesotherapy for even better results..

FORMA is a safe procedure thanks to the build-in temperature sensor for all time precise therapeutic temperature control.

FORMA is a painless and comfortable procedure without post treatment period.

FORMA is pleasant procedure. Most patients compare it with hot stone massage. After the procedure, some patients may notice a slight erythema in the treated zones, which decrease and disappears within few hours.

What results can I expect from FORMA?

A few sessions are necessary, so that you can achieve visible results, while 6 to 8 are needed for optimal results. Forma is not a permanent procedure, so after the first course, the therapist will offer you an individual maintenance program, using which the results will be maintained for the longest possible time. During the procedure most patients feel heating and as if the skin in the zones is tighter. As the patient moves to the late part of the procedure course, they notice decreased folds in the skin, and it appears smoother, more elastic, toned and lifted. It is recommended that the procedures with Foma are combined with a healthy lifestyle and a larger intake of fluids.

Anti-aging procedurePrice
Radio Frequency Lifting with Venus Legacy / Inmode Forma
Face + Neck (40min)200lv
Face (30min)160lv
Neck (incl. double chin) (15min)60lv
Décolleté (15min)60lv
Eyes (15min)60lv
Neck + Décolleté (30min)110lv
Face + Neck + Décolleté (60min)250lv

For the above pointed single areas or areas in combination with Venus Legacy / Inmode Forma, which are purchased in package, following discounts are valid:
3pr. – 20% discount; 6pr. – 30% discount

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