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The laser hair removal you were always looking for. No compromises in every detail.

  • the best medical laser for laser hair removal

  • 20 years of experience

  • medical professionals conducting the procedures

  • best results in every skin type

  • less number of procedures in comparison with other laser systems

Excessive or unwanted hair growth is a problem faced by both women and men. Almost everybody has experience in the use of various methods, unfortunately not effective, or short lasting , like shaving, waxing, electric hair removal as well as non-professional hair removal machines, using flash lamps of questionable result.

Laser hair removal is a method, which has proven its undeniable efficiency.  High-quality laser hair removal leaves behind all methods, by offering a clinically proven LONG-LASTING solution. Furthermore, this method is faster, painless, and more comfortable The result is visible after the first procedure, and after several treatments, the problem remains in the past. Skin is smooth and tender.

What is laser hair removal?

The principle on which laser hair removal is based is named “selective photothermolysis”. It is achieved by a highly precise technology – laser /”LASER” – stimulated expulsion of light with high energy. The laser is producing light, concentrated in a thin and coherent optical ray with a precise length of the wave, i.e. all the particles move in one direction. The effect of those rays is precisely measured and the produced and expulsed energy remains stable. The length of the wave allows the light to be absorbed by the pigment melanin, a main part of the hair follicle, but it cannot be absorbed by the surrounding tissue, focusing the energy of the laser to the follicle it has to affect. The energy, by itself, destroys the follicle with heat.

Types of lasers for laser hair removal

The choice of the correct type of laser from the proven manufacturers of such machines is highly important in order to achieve good results from the procedure laser hair removal. A few kinds of laser systems exist, which produce light with different wavelength and duration of the impulse for absorption by the melanin in the follicle. The wavelength and duration of the impulse have the main role for the precision of the method and the effectiveness of the procedure.

Rubin laser (wavelength 694nm) is the first laser, which is already in history. Its capabilities are very limited in treating dark hair and light skin (phototype 1 and 2).

The Alexandrite laser is “the heavy artillery” in laser hair removal – less procedures needed and unbeatable result – up to 97% less hair. After its creation in 1997 and patenting in 2011 by the American company Cynosure for laser hair removal, this laser has established itself as the most widely used and as a synonym for the procedure “laser hair removal” in the biggest markets for aesthetic services in the world – USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and others. The new generation of effective alexandrite lasers achieve the fastest time for a singular procedure, as they do not require the application of gel before the treatment and the cleaning up after it. This is the only laser which achieves successful results when treating light, fine and thin hairs. It is suitable for procedures on any skin type except dark and tanned skin (phototype 1-4). Due to the specific wavelength of 755nm, which is absorbed most by the melanin in the hairs, the alexandrite laser manages to achieve best results in the lowest energy levels, making treatment with it painless.

Its wavelenght corresponds with the infrared zone of the light spectrum. It expulses stable energy and is effective for all skin types. An advantage of Nd:Yag is its ability to identify differences in the concentration of melanin in both hair and skin. It successfully treats darker skin (phototype 5 and 6). A disadvantage is the more painful sensation during the procedures.

The diode laser is generally different from all others, it is built by diodes, which in combination create the source of light in the laser. This system is especially planned and targeted towards the mass user – usually a cosmetic studio. Those laser systems are characterized by a decreased power, and do not require the operator to have medical education, which makes the procedures very safe, but also way less effective. Diode lasers can be used on all skin types (from 1 to 6). It is very effective for treating thick and hard hair (the first laser procedures) and not effective when treating thin and lighter hair.

Skin Line clinics chose Cynosure, the US brand of laser systems, the company that patented the Alexandrite Laser

  • combines Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers

  • the fastest and most effective laser system in the world

  • less number needed procedures

  • much better result – up to 97% hair reduction

  • successfully treats fine and light hairs

Number and frequency of procedures

Hair growth is cyclical and asynchronous. There are three different growth phases – anagenous, katagenous, telogenous. Laser hair remmoval only destroys the hair follicle while it is in a growth stage. This is why, in order to achieve a long term effect, a few procedures have to be done. They should be done in 3 to 5 weeks interval. Their exact number is individual for every client and skin type. Even after the first procedure, a big number of hair follicles are destroyed, while the others become anthropic. The procedure laser hair removal doesn`t only reduce the amount of hair, but the hair also is getting thinner and less pigmented (lighter) and noticeably slows its growth. After each procedure, the growth becomes smaller and smaller, which leads to a gradual increase of the period between laser hair removal procedures until only mainenance procedures are needed once or twice per year. It is very important that the intervals between the procedures are observed, in order to treat the maximum possible amount of hairs in their active phase. A longer period between procedures would increase the number of necessary procedures, which, for lasting hair removal are between 4 and 6 procedures for zones on the body and 6 to 8 procedures for face.

Who is laser hair removal done by?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and, when using Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers, it is conducted by a trained and experienced medical professional. In the Skin Line Varna and Sofia clinics, the laser hair removal procedure is only done by medical professionals.

Is LASER HAIR REMOVAL suitable for me?

Suitable skin types

Suitable hair colors

Areas of treatment and duration

горна устна

Upper lip

Women – 3-5 min
Men – 3-5 min

малка брадичка

Chin small

Women – 3-5 min



Women – 5 min
Men – 5 min



Women – 5 min


Women – 3-5 min
Men – 3-5 min


Women – 3-5 min
Men – 3-5 min


Women – 5 min
Men – 5 min


Women – 5 min
Men – 5 min
линия брада

Beard line

Men – 5 min
горна устна


Women – 10 min
Men – 10 min

малка брадичка

Bikini line

Women – 5 min



Women – 5 min
Men – 5 min



Women – 3 min
Men – 3 min


Women – 5 min
Men – 5-10 min

Abdomen line

Women – 3 min
Men – 3-5 min


Women – 20 min
Men – 20 min


Women – 30 min
Men – 30-40 min
линия брада

Full legs

Women – 50-60 min
Men – 60-70 min
линия брада


Women – 10 min
Men – 10-15 min
линия брада


Women – 10 min
Men – 15 min
линия брада

Breasts – line

Women – 3 min
Men – 3-5 min
линия брада


Men – 10-15 min
линия брада


Women – 10-15 min
Men – 15-20 min
линия брада


Women – 5 min
Men – 5-10 min

Before and after the procedure

  • the hair shouldnt be removed with tweezerswaxing, epilator and other similar methods 2-3 weeks before the first procedures

  • the hair should be shaved on the day before the procedure for the areas of the body and shortened with scissors for the areas of the face, so that there is 1mm long hair during the procedure. Do NOT use trimmer, razor or depilatory cream for the areas of the face because they will make the hair dicker and will stimulate the hair growth.

  • a few days after the procedure you will notice hair in the treated zone. This is NOT growth, but a consequence of the procedure and does NOT have to be treated. The hairs will fall by themselves after a few days.

  • during the whole period between the procedures it is recommended the hairs not to be removed except on the day before the procedure trough shaver, trimer or depilatory cream.  Do NOT use tweezers, waxing or epilator between the procedures laser hair removal because this will break the hair growth and lead to uneffective procedures.

  • Sunscreen with a maximum factor of protection (SPF 50) has to be used even after the procedure

  • you should avoid sun exposure, using tanning beds, self-tanning products, whitening products, peeling products, acids, medicaments that increase photosensitivity

Side effects

  • Sometimes, right after the procedure, it is possible for some erythema, swelling, or itching in the treated zone, which passes in a short time period (from a few minutes or hours to one or two days). It doesn’t require any specific medical care

  • Superficial burning

  • It is possible for hypo- or hyperpigmentation to occur, however, it is temporary and doesn’t require medical care


  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Herpes infection

  • Epilepsy

  • Vitiligo

  • Exposed wounds, infections

  • Usage of photosensitive medication

  • Radiation therapy in the treated zone

Frequently asked questions

The main difference between laser hair removal and photoepilation, used to decrease unwanted hair, is mainly the technology – both create a light ray, which is more concentrated in laser systems and emits the exact wavelength necessary to treat hair, while photoepilation creates a wide spectrum of wavelengths, which are less effective.

Laser systems work with energy which is multiple times stronger than that of photoepilation. As the heat is absorbed by the follicle, laser hair removal carries a minimum risk of burning, while photoepilation carries a risk of the light being absorbed by the surrounding tissue, causing a heating of the pigment of the skin and an eventual burning for darker skin types.

Unwanted or excessive hair is a problem that affects both women and men. Sadly, most known methods for hair removal – shaving, waxing, electroepilation, and nonprofessional photoepilation or laser devices for home use do not offer a lasting solution to the problem.

Professional laser hair removal is better than all other methods, as it offers a LASTING solution for hair removal.

  • It makes the skin smooth and soft
  • It prevents ingrown hairs
  • It saves time from frequent procedures of shaving, waxing, epilating, and others
  • Creates convenience and comfort
  • Allows for upkeep of good hygiene.

It is extremely important to know that laser hair removal is a medical method, which must only be conducted by a trained and qualified medical professional. You must make sure that the specialist conducting the procedure has the necessary knowledge and experience before you trust them.

In the hands of a competent specialist and when following their instructions for before and after the procedure, the eventual risks of laser hair removal are brought to a minimum. They include discomfort, irrirated skin, swelling.

In the older laser systems and photoepilation, the procedures were more painful, which made the application of a painkilling cream necessary for the more sensitive patients. With the progress of laser technologies, this is no longer necessary.

With them, laser hair removal has minimum discomfort. Most patients feel a slight burning sensation. Usually, a cooling system works in addition to (or as a part of) the laser system, which makes the procedure even more comfortable.

The exceptionally fast modern laser systems and the respectively quick procedures make the procedures painless and accessible even for people with very low pain tolerance.

Until a lasting effect from laser hair removal is achieved, the procedures should be conducted every 3 to 5 weeks, and after the end result is achieved – a lasting decrease in hair, maintenance procedures are conducted – once or twice per year. Following the recommended time interval between separate laser hair removal sessions also affects the entire number of procedures required – a longer interval may respectively increase the number of necessary laser hair removal procedures.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle only when it is in a growth phase (anagenic phase). In a given period, up to 20-25% of hairs are in this active phase. This is why a few procedures are needed, and their exact number is individual according to the patient. Even after the first procedure, a visible number of hair follicles are destroyed, but for a lasting result, the average needed number is 5-6 procedures. Zones such as pubis, armpits, or other body zones are affected quicker, while the fine hair on the face requires more procedures.

Before the procedure, the zone must be treated depending on the type of laser system – for laser systems such as Alexandrite and Nd:Yag, the zone must be shaved on the day before or the day of the procedure as the hair length on the day of the procedures should be maximum 1-2mm.

No matter the type of laser system used, for 2-3 weeks before the laser hair removal procedure, the hair should not be ripped out (removed with tweezers, waxing, epilators), so that it is possible for the system to treat the hair follicle during the procedure.

The skin should not be exposed actively to sunlight or solariums for 2 weeks before the procedure, in order to avoid irritation or burning.

The longevity of the laser hair removal procedure depends primarily on the size of the treated zone – usually from a few minutes for the small zones of the face to 40-60 minutes for the big zones of the body – legs, back, etc.

The type of laser system and the experience of the specialist conducting the procedure can also decrease or respectively increase the longevity of the procedure.

The laser hair removal procedure is conducted in a room specially equipped for laser procedures and is conducted as a 10 step process:

  1. The results, skin reaction and customer satisfaction of the previous procedure are discussed,
  2. The patient fills out a form, so that we can make sure he was not exposed to sunlight or solarium and has not used medication which increases their skin’s photosensitivity,
  3. It is checked whether the zone to be treated is smoothly shaved or has the necessary hair length depending on the requirements of the laser system, and whether the zone has a tan,
  4. The zone to be treated is cleansed and disinfected,
  5. The patient lays down and puts on protective glasses which are mandatory for each person in the room,
  6. The parameters of the laser system are set, depending on the tan of the skin and the indications from the previous procedure – used parameters, skin reaction, patient satisfaction with the results,
  7. The laser treats the zone step by step and the specialist keeps track of the skin’s reaction during laser hair removal carefully
  8. In case the skin is more sensitive, a soothing cream is applied; for the zones of the face – it is mandatory to apply a sunscreen cream with a maximum protection factor SPF 50+,
  9. The parameters from the procedure are recorded,
  10. The laser is cleaned and disinfected before the next procedure.

No! Laser hair removal does not require a recovery period. Sometimes, immediately after the procedure, it is possible that the skin is slightly red, tinges or is slightly swollen. Those symptoms go away for a few minutes, or up to 1-2 hours. In rare cases, this irritation may last longer if the skin is more sensitive. This does not require specific treatment.

Most people return to their daily activities right after the laser hair removal treatment.

Taking care of the skin after a laser hair removal procedure is extremely important. For about a week after the procedure it is recommended that the treated zone is not exposed to strong and lasting sunlight or solarium.

It is mandatory to apply a sunscreen cream with a maximum protection factor SPF 50+ to the exposed to direct sunlight zones in a period of 2 weeks after the procedure. This is how the risk of pigmentations is eliminated after a laser hair removal procedure.

The results from laser hair removal are individual for each patient. Some factors that affect the results of laser hair removal include color and thickness of the hair, the treated zone, the type of laser system and the skin type.

Usually you can expect a maximum of 20-25% decrease in hair after the first procedure – the hairs treated in a growth phase have been destroyed and usually fall of between 7 and 20 days after the procedure.

In addition to a decrease in hair, you can also expect to notice a significant decrease in its growth rate.

Hair growth between the procedures is significantly decreased, and with every following procedure hair is less. A treatment of the hair between the procedures is not recommended, but in case it is being conducted, it should be through shaving, hair removal cream or another method that decreases the hair length to the level of the skin. It is not allowed to use methods that remove the hair together with the hair follicle – waxing, epilators, tweezing, others.

As more and more procedures are done and hair growth is slower and slower, removal will only be necessary right before the laser hair removal procedure due to the laser systems’ requirements for hair length.

Laser hair removal, compared to all other methods, is the only one offering a LASTING solution for removal of the unwanted hair, but that is not guaranteed for all patients at 100%. The end result and number of necessary procedures are affected by factors such as age, color and thickness of the hair, skin type, hormonal balance, use of medications and others.

In most patients, a lasting reduction or even removal of hair is achieved, which may last from 1 to 5 years if 1-2 maintenance procedure per year are conducted.

In addition to guaranteeing the achieved result, the maintenance procedures affect the new fine hairs, which appear to substitute the old ones based on the physiology of hair growth.

Even though price is an important factor in the choice of clinic/center for laser hair removal, it must not be the primary consideration!

Here, we should take notices of the “shady” establishments for laser hair removal and photoepilation with vague advertisements of “quality machinery”, “low prices”, and “good specialists”, who trick people by leaving them with wrong impressions and unrealistic expectations, which ruin the reputation of the laser hair removal procedure.

It is most important that you are satisfied by the quality of service and the effect of the procedure.

In this regard, trust a clinic/center with traditions of conducting laser hair removal therapies and specialists with medical education, who have proven their competencies.

Laser hair removal is performed by


Laser hair removalPricePack 1 of 6
Laser hair removal Women
Eyebrows 30lv25lv
Full face 140lv100lv
Upper lip28lv23lv
Chin small32lv27lv
Chin small + Sew70lv
Cheeks (incl. cheekbones)53lv45lv
Full intimate100lv85lv
Bikini line60lv50lv
1/2 Arms85lv75lv
Full arms140lv100lv
Abdomen line35lv30lv
Breasts - line35lv30lv
Full legs 400lv260lv
Shanks 190lv120lv
Laser hair removalPricePack 1 of 6
Laser hair removal Men
Upper lip35lv30lv
Chin small32lv
Cheeks (incl. cheekbones)53lv45lv
Back of Neck55lv45lv
Front of Neck55lv45lv
1/2 Arms110lv95lv
Full arms200lv165lv
Back + Shoulders310lv225lv
Abdomen line40lv35lv
Chest - line40lv35lv
Full legs500lv450lv


AreaRegular price
with prepayment
of 6th procedure
Full face (women) 140lv.120lv.100lv.
Full Intimate + Axilla (women)150lv.120lv.100lv.
Full arms (women)140lv.120lv.100lv.
Shanks (women) 190lv.160lv.120lv.
Thighs (women)280lv.210lv.150lv.
Full legs (women) 400lv.300lv.260lv.
Chest + Abdomen (men)260lv.220lv.175lv.
Back + Shoulders (men)310lv.260lv.225lv.
Back + Shoulders + Waist (men)430lv.350lv.250lv.


Laser hair removalPrice
Laser hair removal Women
Eyebrows 30lv
Full face 140lv
Upper lip28lv
Chin small32lv
Chin small + Sew70lv
Cheeks (incl. cheekbones)53lv
Bikini line60lv
1/2 Arms85lv
Full arms140lv
Abdomen line35lv
Breasts - line35lv
Full legs 400lv
Shanks 190lv
Laser hair removal Men
Upper lip35lv
Chin small32lv
Cheeks (incl. cheekbones)53lv
1/2 Arms110lv
Full arms200lv
Back + Shoulders310lv
Abdomen line40lv
Chest - line40lv
Full legs500lv


AreaRegular price
with prepayment
of 6th procedure
Full face (women) 140lv.125lv.110lv.
Full Intimate + Axilla (women)150lv.125lv.110lv.
Full Intimate (woman)100lv.75lv.
Full arms (women)140lv.125lv.110lv.
Shanks (women) 190lv.170lv.150lv.
Thighs (women)280lv.240lv.190lv.
Full legs (women) 400lv.340lv.310lv.
Chest + Abdomen (men)260lv.225lv.190lv.
Back + Shoulders (men)310lv.280lv.230lv.
Back + Shoulders + Waist (men)430lv.380lv.300lv.