Needle-free mesotherapy and cryotherapy

Безиглена мезотерапия

Needle free mesotherapy is highly effective, painless and absolutely safe. It is based on electroporation and electroosmosis. It consists of a few steps – opening of the protein channels in the cell membrane, ensuring easy circulation of active substances through them and lastly, their closing. Absorption is up to 2000 times bigger in comparison with a normal application of the chosen substance. Electroporation is a substantial increase of the conductance of the cell membrane, which is caused by an external application of electric impulses with specific parameters.

Electroosmosis is a process of movement of a polarized fluid through the cell membrane, which influences the molecules of the active substance, and moves them through the cell membrane, using an electric charge.

The combination of high effectiveness, painlessness, a wide specter of uses and a long term effect make this technology one of the most modern methods in cosmetology today.

Needle-free mesotherapy:

  • Rejuvenates the skin

  • Affects small scars and stretch marks

  • Removes fine lines

  • Preserves the minerals and skin moisture  

  • Removes under eye circles

  • Shapes and contours the face, treats double chin

Needle-free mesotherapy and cryotherapy – duration 45-60 min.

Duration – 45-60 min.

1. Make-up removal

2. Skin tonic

3. Enzyme peeling

4. Active Care – Lifting Complex/ Hyaluronic complex (according to the skin type) – hydrates, stimulates and smoothens the skin, restores hydrobalance, increases skin elasticity and glow

5. Massage

6. Needle free mesotherapy – face and eye area

7. Oxy mask with a lifting effect /Hyaluronic mask – calms, hydrates, tightens the skin, increases elasticity and smoothens the top layer of the epidermis

8. Cryotherapy – Short local cooling with temperature up to 2 degrees Celsius. Cryomassage, as a final step, closes the small blood vessels, decreases bloodflow, skin pores tighten, and skin becomes elastic. Cryotherapy increases the effect of the entire therapy and assists the active substances from mesotherapy to achieve a long term effect.

9. Final product

Needle-free mesotherapy and cryotherapy is performed by

Non-surgical lifting
Needle free mesotherapy and cryotherapy

Biolifting – therapy for the eye area

Needle free mesotherapy and cryotherapy+ Biolifting90lv
Lifting therapy with BABOR cosmetics and oxygen hydration100lv

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