Needle-free mesotherapy and cryotherapy

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Needle-free mesotherapy is a highly effective, painless and absolutely safe therapy. It is based on electroporation and electroosmosis. The steps consist of opening the protein channels of the cell membranes, ensuring smooth circulation of active substances through them and their subsequent closure. Absorption is up to 2000 times greater compared to normal application of the respective substance. Electroporation is a significant increase in the electrical conductivity of the cell membrane, which is induced by external application of electrical pulses of certain parameters.

Electroosmosis is the process of movement of a polarized fluid across the cell membrane, which affects the molecules of the active substance by moving them across the cell membrane using an electrical charge.

The combination of high efficiency, painlessness, wide range of applications and long duration of action make this technology one of the most advanced methods in cosmetology today.

Needle-free mesotherapy:

Duration of the procedure Needle-free mesotherapy – 45-60min.

1. Demakeage

2. Toning

3. Enzyme peeling

4. Active care Lifting complex / Hyaluronic complex (according to skin type) – hydrates, stimulates and smooths the skin, restores the hydro-balance, increases skin elasticity and radiance

5. Massage

6. Eyeless mesotherapy – face and eye contour

7. Oxy mask with lifting effect / Hyaluronic mask – soothes, hydrates, tightens the skin, increases elasticity and smooths the skin surface

8. Cryotherapy – Brief topical cooling with cooling temperature down to 2 degrees. Cryo-massage as a final touch closes small blood vessels, reduces blood flow, skin pores shrink, skin becomes elastic and flexible. Cryotherapy repeatedly amplifies the effect of the application of the overall therapy and helps the active substances after mesotherapy to be preserved long-term.

9. Application of Final Product

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