For more than 25 years. LPG is ahead of its time. Patented technologies for connective tissue treatment continue to evolve and surprise with their positive effect on health and beauty. So far, no technique has been substantiated by research in the fight against fat accumulation, resistant to diet and exercise. The effectiveness of LPG technologies is supported by over 85 scientific studies and 50 publications that promote LPG worldwide as a leader in the mechanical breakdown of fat deposits. Poor eating habits and modern, sedentary lifestyles have become the main factors leading to a widespread epidemic (obesity), which is constantly increasing the levels of obesity. Localized fat deposits are resistant to diet and exercise, as fat cells have a reduced ability to break down fat (reduced lipolytic properties).

Cellulite affects 90% of women, even those who lead a very active lifestyle. It is the result not only of the accumulated fat cells in the area, but also of water retention in the body. There are several types of cellulite.

AQUEOUS CELLULITE – this type is caused by water retention due to too weak blood and lymph flow. To eliminate this type of cellulite, toxins must be expelled from the body by stimulating circulatory processes.

ADIPOSE CELLULITE – this type of cellulite is associated primarily with overweight. Fat cells are targeted in order to shrink and reduce their volume.

FIBROUS CELLULITE – Fibrous cellulite is often painful and the most difficult to remove. The first few procedures aim to soften the tissue, and then we work to remove it completely.

What is Endermology?

Endermology is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG. It reactivates the activity of latent cells located in depth, mechanically stimulating the skin – 100% natural and non-invasive technology that aims to reduce the circumference and at the same time improve its texture.

What distinguishes the LPG Cellu M6 Alliance?

Brand new working head

The latest tenth generation of LPG Endermologie – Cellu M6 Alliance is 3 times more efficient than previous models.

The innovation in Alliance (unlike the two rollers in all previous models) is a combination of one roller and a motorized valve, which directly treat adipocytes (fat cells) and fibroblasts (cells that form collagen and elastin) by sequential suction.

WiFi tablet and EndermoScan system

Thanks to the tablet connected to the LPG Alliance and the new EndermoScan diagnostic system with which the machine is equipped, the unique care of Endermologie® is precisely tailored to the needs of each client, and the duration of the procedure and work protocols are adapted individually.


Cellulite reduction

The treatment with the new patented LPG technology mechanically processes the fat cells, making their cell membranes softer and more pliable. This stimulation helps the fat cells to reduce their volume naturally, while at the same time smoothing and tightening the skin. As with previous technologies, it effectively stimulates blood and lymph flow. Alliance Skin Identity Sensor adapts the stimulation to the individual skin type of the client: the intensity of the treatment is optimized and at the same time the skin is not damaged in any way.

Skin healing

Due to weight gain, pregnancy, aging and other factors, the skin gradually loses its volume and tone. In addition, the relaxation of the skin affects the whole body: certain areas are more susceptible to the factors listed above, including internal thighs, abdomen, arms.

Using the new patented technology, Alliance endermologie® gently stimulates fibroblasts, which once activated, begin to synthesize collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. In this way, the skin is regenerated from the inside out.

Reduce the weight in the legs

Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs or swelling in the ankles are the result of poor hydration of the limbs. In addition, several factors that negatively affect good circulation in the body are several, including too long standing or sitting behind a desk for too long, too tight clothes or even high temperatures can disrupt the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Using the different setting of LPG Endermologie can influence the stimulation of circulation in the body, while at the same time relieving the symptoms of water retention.

The technology combines a mechanical valve and rollers that work in sync in order to stimulate and mobilize the tissue to begin its recovery.

What does the LPG Alliance achieve?

What distinguishes the new technology of the French company, which is behind the patenting of Lipomassage, is that the new device LPG Alliance achieves several results simultaneously:

  • Naturally, the volume of fat cells decreases, which leads to a significant reduction in circumference.

  • Fibroplasts are effectively stimulated, which, once activated, begin to synthesize more elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Through these elements the skin heals and regains its tone.

  • Thanks to the micropulsations, the skin is smoothed, and cellulite is visibly reduced.

Visible results with only 3 procedures LPG Alliance:

skin tightening
reducing the circumference
smoothing cellulite
Процедури за ТялоЦена
LPG Cellu M6 Alliance
1пр LPG цяло тяло90лв
6пр LPG цяло тяло или Young Mom432лв
1пр LPG спа пр-ра тяло - ендермопунктура100лв
1пр LPG възстановяване след раждане - Young Mom90лв
1пр LPG (1/2 тяло - до 3 зони)70лв
6пр LPG (1/2 тяло - до 3 зони)330лв
1пр LPG експресна процедура на малка зона 50лв
6пр LPG експресна процедура на малка зона 240лв
LPG Endermowear трико50лв

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