Removal of skin formations

Removal of skin formations with lasers
Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm) and CO2 (10 600 nm)

Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm) and CO2 (10,600 nm) are lasers that can be used to remove skin growths painlessly /after evaluation by a dermatologist/. The advantage is that the thermal energy does not cause prolonged thermal trauma, which reduces the risk of complications after the procedure. The limited heat effect results in minimal erythema /redness/ and discomfort after treatment. Depending on the type and size of the growth, 1 to several treatments are required, with an interval of 3 weeks.

Examination of skin formations with a dermatoscope


Dermatoscopy is a screening method for examining pigmented lesions and other skin growths. It is used for the prevention and early diagnosis of malignant skin diseases, as well as to monitor the development of benign lesions. An optical system with artificial light is used, which allows to examine skin formations in depth.

Removal of skin formations with electrocuagulator

Electrocoagulation is a method in which a high temperature is reached by concentrating electrical energy /diathermal current/ over a small area, causing coagulation or necrosis of the treated tissue. The temperature reached is high enough to induce coagulation and killing of the treated skin growths, which are removed instantaneously and no re-treatment is necessary. Causes mildly tolerable burning.


Seborrheic verrucas

Benign formations of the skin, raised with an uneven surface, light brown to black in color, located in seborrheic areas. Often become inflamed in areas of friction.


Benign growths. Soft fibromas are skin-coloured or slightly pigmented, range in size from 1mm to about 5cm, and some reach the size of a pea. Fibromas most commonly appear on the skin of the armpits, groin, neck, and nape.

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