DR.CYJ - The world's first hair filter

Revitalizes the scalp, prevents hair loss and restores hair growth by activating stem cells

DR. CYJ is the world’s first hair filter. The filter was developed using an innovative peptide complex to restore hair growth and reconstruct the scalp.

The hyaluronic acid peptide gradual release formula promotes blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes the hair follicle. Hair growth is induced by increasing hair follicle size and stopping hair loss.

The product contains 1ml gel which contains 7 peptides and 0.7% hyaluronic acid

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler


  • Increases hair thickness
  • Prevents hair loss by strengthening hair follicles
  • Very effective against alopecia
  • Improves hair growth
  • Helps improve blood circulation in the scalp area, thus providing more strength to the hairs
  • Eliminates dryness of the scalp, thus tackling problems like dandruff and dry hair

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler active ingredients

Internationally approved patented revitalizing peptide ingredients

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler contains only internationally approved patented peptide active ingredients that do not cause any harm to the patient’s body after treatment. It contains many benefits including increasing the strength of sparse hair and increasing hair thickness. Thanks to the innovative transdermal delivery system, the peptides are safely transported to the deepest follicles.

Decapeptide-18 & Decapeptide-28
The combination of the two ingredients helps to simulate the WINT hair growth pathways and kickstarts stem cells to improve hair growth function.

It is extremely helpful in promoting the level of angiogenesis in hair follicles, which prevents apoptosis.

Decapaptide-19 & Oligopeptide-71
Maximizes the formation of hair follicles, which is very helpful in generating hair color.

Strengthens hair cells to block BMP4 pathways for hair loss.

Ideally supports the transfer of hair stem cells.

Transdermal Delivery System: Helps deliver all active peptide complexes to the innermost layers of the scalp surface.

The company specializes in manufacturing such products that help stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss.


  • За жени и мъже със слаба и тънка коса
  • За подобряване на състоянието на косата
  • Комплексът от пълнители стимулира по-бързия растеж на косата и увеличава обема ѝ.
  • За лечение на косопад, изтъняване на косата и андрогенна алопеция
  • За оплешивяващи жени и мъже
  • За постигане на синергичен ефект, когато се използва в комбинация с други мерки за намаляване на окосмяването

1 процедура на всеки две седмици, продължителност 8 седмици (общо 4 процедури)

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