Threadlifting with Meso Therads

innovative technology for modeling and face lifting

Treadlifting is an innovative technology for face modeling and lifting, contour tightening and rejuvenation by “reinforcing” the skin with sterile resorbable mesocontours. This method is designed for patients with pronounced soft tissue ptosis. Mesoconcs are very thin, made of a special material that guarantees high tolerance and no allergic reaction. The sutures are introduced subcutaneously through special thin needles.

What is treadlifting?

The procedure is atraumatic and there is virtually no recovery period. The effect is instant – the oval is tightened, strengthened, the skin tone and glow is improved. In addition to achieving a lifting effect, the mesoconci procedure visibly rejuvenates, thanks to stimulating the production of its own collagen and accelerating microcirculation in the areas of application, making it younger, radiant, with a uniform complexion. This biorevitalizing effect lasts up to two years.

Sterile mesoconcs have 100% biocompatibility and are completely resorbed within 180 – 240 days. Treadlifting is successfully combined with other aesthetic procedures: mesotherapy, peeling, fillers, botox, plasmolysis.

There are no age restrictions for the application of treadlifting, and contraindications are: oncological diseases, purulent and inflammatory diseases, acute infections.

Mesoconcision placement is preceded by a free consultation during which all aspects of the procedure and the predictable effect are discussed. Depending on the condition and needs of the skin, the number and type of mesoconces needed to achieve the desired result is determined.


  • relaxed facial oval
  • nasolabial wrinkles
  • wrinkles around the lips and underdefined lip contour
  • forehead and eye wrinkles
  • gravitational sagging of the chin
  • wrinkles and sagging of the neck
  • sagging skin under the eyes
  • loose skin on the hands (forearms)
  • cellulite and tightening of the abdominal skin

Threadlifting in Skin Line

Treadlifting with meso threads performed

The doctors at Skin Line – aesthetic clinics are trained and certified in mesoconcision.

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