Thread lift with meso threads

Thread Lift is an innovative technology for facial scultping and lifting, tightening the contour and rejuvenation through “skin reinforcement” with sterile resorbable meso threads. This method is designed for patients with expressed soft tissue ptosis. Meso threads are very thin, produced from a special material which ensures high tolerance and lack of allergic reaction. Threads are introduced under the skin through special thin needles.

The procedure is nontraumatic and there is practically no recovery time. Effect is immediate: the oval is tightened, firm; skin tone and luster are improved. On the top of achieving a lifting effect, the thread lift with mesothreads visibly rejuvenates, thanks to the stimulated production of own collagen and accelaration of the microcirculation in the zones of the application, which makes the skin more youthful, glowing and gives it a smooth tan. This biorevitalizing effect continues up to two years.

Sterile meso threads have 100 % biocompatibility and are fully resorbed within 180 – 240 days. Thread Lift is successfully combined with other aesthetic procedures: mesotherapy, peel, fillers, Botox, plasmolifting.

Тредлифтинг с мезоконци

There aren’t any age limitations for thread lift application, and the contradictions are: oncological diseases, suppurative and inflammatory diseases, acute infections.

Before the application of mesothreads, a free consultation with a dermotologist is provided. In it all the aspects of the procedure and the expected effect are discussed. Depending on the condition and needs of the skin, the type and number of mesothreads are chosen, so that you can achieve the result you wanted.


  • loose face oval

  • nasolabial folds

  • wrinkles and fine lines around the lips, not very sharp lip contour

  • fine lines and wrinkles in the zone of the eyes and forehead

  • gravitational loosening of the chin

  • wrinkles and loosening of the neck

  • loose skin under the eyes

  • loose skin on the arms (armpit area)

  • cellulite

  • tightening on the stomach area skin

Thread lift in Skin Line

The physicians of Skin Line – Laser & Anti-Aging Clinic are trained and certified to perform meso thread procedure.

Meso threads in Skin Line

Thread lift with meso threads
Lead Fine Lift
Barb II 4D160lv/un.
Barb II Anchor180lv/un.

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