Venus Legacy – revolution in the fight against cellulite

The technology by Venus Concept – Venus Legacy, revolutionized the medical aesthetic industry as a non-invasive method for treatment of cellulite and body shaping, and tightening of the skin of the face and neck.

Venus Legacy™ is the first and only medical machine using the 4D technology, which is certified by the American FDA as a non-surgical method for treatment of cellulite and sagging skin, contouring of the body, and lifting for the face and neck. The 4D™ technology is an unique combination between the known and proven methods – multipolar radiofrequency (RF)pulsing electromagnetic field (PEMF) and the innovation – VariPulse (VP), completed by an integrated thermometer for analysis of the skin – RealTime Thermal Feedback. The combination of those energies in one platform makes a revolutionary break and sets a new standard in aesthetic medicine.

Venus Legacy™ shapes and sculpts the body non-surgically, reduces cellulite, tightens and revitalizes the skin of the face, neck, and decolette, smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The procedures with this machines are the most sought after in the area of medical aesthetics worldwide, leading to over 3 million of them yearly!

The uniqueness of Venus Legacy™

A combination of 4 technologies, which work in synergy for a maximum effect, long-lasting results in cellulite reduction, overall improvement in the skin condition, lifting, shaping and weight loss, a high degree of safety and comfort during procedure.

1. Multipolar radiofrequency (RF)


The multipolar radiofrequency of Venus Legacy™ is unique, as it penetrates the skin evenly and concentrates in the entire surface worked on. It warms the tissue quickly, painlessly and densely in depth around 3.5cm, enough to reach the deep derma, the cellulite and the layer of fat cells. The received energy does not spread in other parts of the body, but stays put in the treated zone, allowing Venus Legacy to be effective in patients with hormonal conditions.

The multipolar radiofrequency warms the tissue evenly from the inside out, and due to that, increases the rate of metabolism, blood- and lymph circulation in the zone, increases the FGF-2 protein, which stimulates the penetrability of the cell membrane. The triglycerides positioned in the fat cells break down, allowing the fatty acids to exit through the membrane. The fatty acids then enter the lymph, and are thrown out of the organism through the liver and kidneys. The fat cells are drained, leading to a decrease in their volume. The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, fibroblasts tighten. New blood vessels and dermal fibroblasts are created in the treated areas. The fibroblasts increase the collagen and elastin fibers. The result is tight, elastic and smooth skin.

2. Pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF)

Електромагнитни полета

The technology using pulsating electromagnetic fields has been used in traditional medicine for decades, and its regenerative abilities are scientifically proven. The pulsating electromagnetic fields stimulate the better bloodflow in the treated zone and the production of new blood vessels. The cells receive more oxygen and food molecules. Regeneration of the skin in the treated zone is increased, leading to improvements on the surface. Bloodflow in the treated zone is improved, and vitamins, minerals, and oxygen get to the cells easier.

3. VariPulse™ (VP)

The technology VariPulseTM, allows for regular impulse suction for deeper penetration of energy in the tissues, lymph drainage and stimulation of bloodflow. The energy penetrates the suctioned zone in a more concentrated manner. The volume of fat cells is decreased and they position themselves correctly, decreasing the irregularities on the skin surface due to cellulite.

4. RealTime Thermal Feedback – an integrated thermometer for analysis of the skin

Venus Legacy™ has a built in thermometer in the nozzle with a screen, which follows the skin temperature of the treated zone in real time. This allows for a constant contact and analysis of the temperature of the body, ensuring an even and constant heating of the tissues in depth at a temperature up to 48 degrees, and the achieving of optimum results. At the same time, it diminishes the risk of overheating and burning and ensures safety and comfort during the procedure.

The procedure

The cells in the organism get renewed every 21-28 days, depending on the metabolism. This is why any repeating actions during this time will be memorized and copied by the cells even after that. This is why the fat cells in the body get used to drainage and decreasing volume, and the fatty acids from them leaving the membrane. Using Venus Legacy, the organism gets a new habit to stay in shape. In order to create this memory in the cells, the first procedures are most important, followed by the rest of the prescribed package. Most patients see a visible difference after the third procedure. The manufacturers of Venus Legacy recommend a package of 8 to 10 procedures, once or twice a week. Once achieved, the effect from the therapy lasts more than 18 months. It is recommended that the body is further taken care of by exercising and drinking 2-2.5 liters of water per day. The diet has to be balanced, including more fruits and vegetables, and avoiding fried and fat foods.

In a safe and pleasant way Venus Legacy™:

  • Reduces cellulite depots

  • Non-invasively shapes the body

  • Visibly decreases measurements in the treated zones

  • Stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin

  • Tightens and smooths the skin

Areas of the body that can be treated with Venus Legacy™:

Zones of treatment: hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, love handles. An individual program can be created depending on the concrete needs of the client, by setting up the needed parameters for strength and intensity of each separate technology.

The procedures are extremely suitable after pregnancy and achieve an outstanding result in the fight to get back in shape. The machine achieves an amazing result on the skin, even in the hardest to tighten zones.

Skin Line Clinic has more than a decade of experience in combining machines using radiofrequency with LPGprograms using individually prepared courses. Using both machines we achieve perfect and long lasting results.

Venus Legacy Тяло

Safety criteria

  • Botox injections and implants in the treated zone (wait one month after the last injection before beginning the therapy)

  • Breastfeeding

  • Epilepsy

  • Laser pilling of the face or deep chemical pilling in the last month, in case the treated zone is the face

  • Fresh scars or wounds, scarification in the treated zone

  • Telangiectasia

  • Thyroid glands – therapy over the thyroid glands is not recommended

  • Long-term use of Isotretinoin (ex. Roaccutane)

  • Recent use of filler injections in the same zone

Conditions for which the therapy is unsuitable (contra indications)

  • Active inflammation or infection of the treated zone

  • Cancer, pre-malignant condition or anamnesis of such

  • Degenerative neurological diseases

  • Conditions stimulated by heat (such as recitative herpes simplex in the treated zone)

  • Internal defibrillator/pacemaker

  • Metal implants in the treated zone, excluding dental implants

  • Uncontrolled disease of the thyroid glands

  • Varicose veins

  • Pregnancy, in-vitro fertilization procedures

  • Autoimmune diseases connected to the skin

  • Silicone implants and injections in the treated zone

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