The eye contour is the most delicate zone of the face, and where the first signs of aging can be seen. The skin there is the least hydrated and contains less fat and sweaty glands, which makes it even more susceptible to external influences and aging. It is twice thinner compared to the rest of the skin on the face and as age progresses, it thins out even more.

The eye contour is one of the most mobile zones of the face. Every mimic and tension has a negative influence on its elasticity and shine.

In general, the changes in this zone are visible as a sagging of the skin in the zone of the upper eyelid, the appearance of wrinkles type “crow’s feet”, bags and swelling under or around the eyes. This changes make the face, in general, look tired and aged.

Plasma Beauty Technology (Plasma BT) uses a refined plasma technology for atmospheric pressure, and by doing so, encompasses a wide diapason of procedures, according to the individual needs of the patient.

Plasma is the fourth aggregate condition of matter after solid, liquid, and gas. It is a gas, which is ionized under high temperature and high electric energy.

Until recently, the surgical blepharoplasty was the only method for removing the excess skin on the upper and tightening of the lower eyelid. In Bulgaria, however, a perfectly new machine has appeared – Plasma Beauty Technology (Plasma BT) – a revolutionary patented technology, which opens new horizons and possibilities in aesthetic medicine. It is the first machine in the world which offers a combined use of the surgical and aesthetic capabilities of the plasma technology. Skin Line Clinic has the honor of introducing this innovation in the Bulgarian aesthetic market.


Plasma Beauty Technology (Plasma BT) works according to the principle of creation of a controlled plasmic microimpulse between the point of the needle and the patient’s skin. In this way, the generated low voltage arc sublimes the epidermis in a controlled way (the substances changes from solid directly in gas condition). It melts, and the focused head causes a biostimulation in the derma, aiming for a lifting effect. The therapy has a local effect, without harming the surrounding tissue.

Plasma Beauty Technology (Plasma BT) is a platform which combines two patented methods:

Plasma Beauty Technology ( Plasma BT) is high class equipment.

Depending on the energy, with which the therapies are done, the effects, intensity, and impact of the procedure changes. Done in the different layers of the derma, the therapies treat specific skin problems:

  1. Surface layer of the skin – kill microbes and bacteria by destroying the bacterial molecular structure
  2. Epidermis – a dramatic increase in the speed of absorption of the skin by temporarily destroying the cell adhesion molecule
  3. Dermis – tightening of the skin and stimulating the synthesis of collagen and new fibroblasts

Tests conducted by the Munich university show that plasma is fatal for bacteria, while stimulating cells and helping the skin regeneration process. This makes it unique for use in different types of treatments and therapies, depending on the patient’s individual needs.

The procedures using Plasma Shower™ are painless, and when usingа Plasma Surgical™, a local anesthetic is used to bring the feeling of discomfort to a minimum.

The results after a procedure using Plasma Surgical™ ot Plasma Shower™ is not immediately visible, due to the recovery period necessary for the skin.

After treating acne, the skin appears much healthier, with a clearer and more even tan, but the complete effect can be seen after around 2-3 weeks, when the skin has recovered completely.

After treating the eye contour, the synthesis of new collagen and skin tightening happens step by step in a period of around 6 weeks.

All procedures are done after a preliminary free consultation with a doctor, who does the manipulation.

Non-operational blepharoplasty
Upper eyelid700lv
Lower eyelid750lv
Upper + lower eyelid1300lv
Wrinkle “Crows feet”
Barcode / Perioral area
Periuricular area 1300lv
Fraxeliated voltaic plasma
Full face120lv
Whole face + transdermal penetration of active product150lv

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