Removal of dilated capillaries with Nd:YAG laser

Removal of dilated capillaries with Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) and IPL

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels – their diameter is only between 4 and 40µm, but they make up a very significant part of the vascular system. They create the periphery of the whole arterial system which brings oxygen and nutrition to all the cells. Even though they are so small, capillaries can create serious aesthetic concerns when they are widened or broken.

Facial capillaries - location, reasons and types

In medicine, anomalous widened or broken capillaries are also called cuperosis. This condition can cause significant discomfort when its symptoms are visible on the face. In the following text, we will discuss the reasons for its appearance and the modern ways of treating it with the best results for each case.

Hemangiomas, vascular stars

Haemangiomas are benign tumour growths originating from blood vessels. The neoplasms are benign and grow slowly or do not grow at all. They respond very well to treatment and have a good prognosis. “Vascular stars” are usually singular and are not connected to another disease or condition.

They consist of one or more capillaries and many “connections” – making them take shape of a star or spider net. Hemangiomas and vascular stars are treated with Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). They usually respond even after only one treatment. The procedure is slow and doesn’t cause discomfort. There is rarely any recovery period. It is required to use a suitable SPF product after the procedure.



Teleangiectasias are permanently dillated capilaries on the skin. They are linear, and their most specific characteristic is that they form net-like structures. They form on the exposed parts of the body due to sun exposure or are a symptom of a skin disease.

They are treated with Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser. Often, a course of a few treatments is required. It is important to note that there must be 3-4 weeks between the procedures.


Vascular malformations - "port-wine", "cherry"

Vascular malformations are benign, red to dark people half-spheric vascular formations on the skin. They are rarely singular. They are very visible, as they consist of many broken or dilated capillaries in a wide zone and as a person ages they grow in numbers, and they can decrease a person’s confidence. Port-wine stains are birth marks in light to dark red, which can be visible even right after birth. They can be successfully treated with different laser technologies.

Thanks to modern laser technologies, removal of cherry angiomas is painless and easy. They are treated with the Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser. Portwine stains can be treated with IPL. Usually, a course of treatments is needed, and it is important to note that there should be an interval of 3-4 weeks between procedures.


How does the procedure work?

Body capillaries - what are they and where do they appear?

Dilated and broken capillaries can not only appear on the face, but on the body as well. They usually do not cause discomfort, as they are not visible, when they are localised, or placed far away from one another. In densely packed broken or dilated capillaries, the so-called “vascular stars” can appear. They occur on the limbs, most frequently on the legs. The aesthetic problem is defined when multiple “vascular stars” are placed next to each other, or when the patient’s skin is very light.

Treatment of dilated capillaries on the legs or on other parts of the body is similar to that of the face. There are no risks or significant contraindications, they are not connected to pain or a long recovery period. Procedures take place in the same way. The same can be said about the following prophilaxis when it is needed.


IPL treatment for dilated capillaries on the face

IPL is one of the latest innovations in the effective treatment of various skin imperfections. Recently, specialists have also been highly recommending it for dilated capillaries – both on the face and all over the body. It is a classical phototherapy, i.e. its action is based on light and heat energy directed by a high-tech device. Usually the device has enough modes and intensity levels to be used selectively only on the affected area.

Treatment with an IPL device does not damage the dermis. Instead, the light beam is directed directly at the deformed capillary, which absorbs the energy. Accompanied by a slight sensation of heat, the blood vessel begins to coagulate and decompose. The result is a permanent breakdown of the capillary pigment created or the visible redness causing the aesthetic discomfort of the dilation/rupture.

The advantage of IPL therapy for facial capillaries is that it is painless and safe, but other than that, usually only one treatment is required. In most cases, the effect is immediately noticeable, but it develops over time to allow the redness to fade completely.

Rosacea - what is it and what is it caused by?

Rosacea is not a spontaneously occurring skin imperfection due to mechanical impact. It is a disease that is categorized as chronic. It is pro-inflammatory in nature and also manifests itself in dilation of blood vessels. Its typical manifestation is severe redness on the face.

There are four main types of rosacea. They have a similar clinical picture, but have certain differences in the degree of redness, the areas affected and additional signs – such as the fine pimples resembling acne. There are patients who develop more than one type of rosacea.

Effective therapies for rosacea

There is no treatment that can permanently cure rosacea. However, modern aesthetic medicine has already established quite a few effective methods for relieving its symptoms, including the superficial removal of unaesthetic redness. Depending on the way the blood vessels are damaged, as well as their location on the face, the specialist chooses the appropriate method, and it is especially important to follow the recommendations for subsequent prophylaxis.

Gentle Max Pro Plus / Cynosure Elite+

Gentle Max Pro Plus and Cynosure Elite+ are laser technologies that have been successfully applied to a wide range of aesthetic procedures. They are equally effective for hair removal and for removing skin imperfections. What is specific about them is that they combine an alexandrite 755 nm laser and an Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser in one platform, i.e. they have the proven advantages of both types of technology.

The reason the Gentle Max Pro Plus and Cynosure Elite+ are so often chosen for rosacea treatment is that the devices can be applied to any skin type. It is well known that the chronic condition of rosacea is often cited as a contraindication to a wide range of aesthetic cosmetic treatments, including those based on laser technology, but fortunately for patients, not in this case. Gentle Max Pro Plus and Cynosure Elite+ are particularly effective for vascular defects and malformations such as dilated capillaries, which actually occur in rosacea.

Lumenis Stellar M22 / Lumecca IPL

The Lumenis Stellar M22 and Lumecca IPL are some of the newest additions to the laser industry for treating aesthetic and medical concerns. To date, they have been successfully applied to more than 30 different types of dermatological conditions, including rosacea.

Lumenis Stellar M22 and Lumecca IPL operate on the principle of super-intense pulsed light. However, the beam does not damage the dermis and its effect is completely safe even for sensitive and reactive skin, as rosacea patients usually have. The Lumenis Stellar M22 and Lumecca IPL treatments are suitable for relieving all types of redness and pigmentation, because the light flashes of the devices have a therapeutic effect on the capillary damage itself.

This is why the Lumenis Stellar M22 and Lumecca IPL are considered to be one of the optimal means of putting the disease into remission. Traditionally, a minimum of 4-6 IPL treatments are administered, and it is important to have a rest period of about one month in between.

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