Belkyra – treatment of double chin

Double chin is a common aesthetic problem, which affects many age groups and until now, often not treated effectively. No matter the diet or exercise regime, the fullness in the double chin zone doesn’t disappear and often makes people feel older or heavier than they are.

The reasons for this can be:

  • AGING – the problem may occur naturally with age

  • GENES – hereditary reasons

  • CHANGES IN WEIGHT – another reason can be a change in the patient’s weight

Belkyra® is the only approved therapy, which considers the individual needs of the patient, which irreversibly breaks down the fat cells under the chin forever. In America the product is called Kybella®.

Belkyra® contains deoxycholic acid – the active ingredient which helps to break down and absorb the fats in the body.

Belkyra® is a fast and easy nonsurgical injectable therapy, which can be performed in the time range of 15 to 20 minutes with visible results after only 2 to 4 procedures. The maximum number of procedures with Belkyra® is 6. The interval between the procedures is minimum 1 month.

80% of the patients treated with Belkyra® share satisfaction with the results and changes in appearance of their face and chin. After achieving the desired result, maintenance treatment is not needed. This product progressively improves the appearance of the chin.

Is recovery time needed after the procedure? 

Often, some discomfort occurs after the first therapy.

What are the side effects?

The patients most often report for some swelling after the procedure, which means that the product is working. Other possible frequently occurring reactions are hematomas, pain and stiffness, redness, zones of hardening or tingling or itching. The procedures is performed with local and/or injectable local anesthesia, and for an improved comfort of the patient after injection ice or a cold compress can be applied over the treated zone for 10 to 15 minutes.

Not recommended for:

  • Patients with increased sensitivity to deoxycholic acid
  • Infection in the treated zone


Treatment of double chin
Belkyra 2ml-4ml 1000 - 2000lv
Pluryal FaceContour 5ml 500lv

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