Hyaluronic fillers Juvederm Vycross

Juvederm Vycross

JUVÉDERM™ Voluma™, Volbella™ and Volift™ are JUVÉDERM’s three newest hyaluronic fillers. They contain 90% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and only 10% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMWHA). Most fillers are 100% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Fillers with VYCROSS™ technology are much smoother. They are much easier and less painful to insert.

In addition to restoring lost volume, filling in wrinkles or deeper lines, the specific injection technique and different cross-linking of hyaluronic acid in all three filters of the VYCROSS range also provides a lifting effect in the area of insertion.

A recent innovation in aesthetic dermatology is the so-called MD codes, developed exclusively for the VYCROSS range, namely a series of practical injection strategies that recreate the most desirable, natural facial structure for our patients. These so-called MD-codes are a series of precise points (or sub-points) in each part of the face, into which a precise amount of hyaluronic acid is injected to produce a lifted and natural-looking result. They are based on the principle that parts of the face should be restored or treated in a constructive manner.

The effect lasts up to 18 months.


Juvederm Voluma 1

The latest innovation in dermal fillers for facial volume restoration and a gentle lifting effect, designed specifically with a high lifting (lifting) capacity to restore volume loss in depth in the cheekbone, cheek, chin and nose areas.

Patients who have been injected with JUVÉDERM™ Voluma™ rate the results as good to very good even 6 to 18 months after the procedure.

voluma-before voluma-after


Juvederm Volift 1

Juvederm™ Volift™ is the most versatile product in the VYCROSS range used for all skin depressions and the filter with the most pronounced lifting effect.

Juvéderm™ Volift™ can be used for corrections in almost all areas of the face – correction of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip correction and volume as well as brow lift. This hyaluronic filter is extremely plastic, it contains 0.3% lidocaine, which makes its injection much more comfortable for the patient, and the risk of edema after a procedure with it is minimized. Juvederm™ Volift™ can be used even for volume loss, in the cheekbone area when there is a need for both a lifting effect and to improve the contour of the face.

Volift-before volift-after

JUVÉDERM™ Volbella™

Juvederm Volbella

Full lips with defined borders are typical of youthful beauty. With age, natural substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which give the skin structure and volume, gradually diminish. This leads to a predisposition for volume loss in the lips and the area around them. Contour enhancement or slight volume replenishment can create a more youthful lip appearance. Regardless of whether your natural lips are thin or full, JUVÉDERM™ Volbella™ lip injections can be used to enhance lip shape, or restore lost volume.
JUVÉDERM™ Volbella™ is a new facial filler specifically designed to gently restore natural-looking volume to the lips and to define their contour. JUVÉDERM™ Volbella™ is the only facial filler clinically proven to last up to 12 months in the lips after one treatment. The filter is also extremely suitable for filling fine and superficial lines – the eye area, radial lines (above the upper lip).



As part of the Vycross™ product range of the American company Allergan™, Volux™ has all the advantages of other fillers such as smoothness, easy injection, exceptional tolerance and natural results.  The product has the highest amount of hyaluronic acid (25mg/ml) and achieves a long-lasting implant effect.

JUVÉDERM™ Volux™ attracts a minimal amount of water and significantly reduces the possibility of swelling after injection compared to JUVÉDERM™ Voluma™ . It has a high resistance to free radicals and this increases its durability and longevity .

The integration of JUVÉDERM™ Volux™ into the patient’s tissue is observed as early as one week after injection, and the improvements in the chin and jaw area are long-lasting, with the effect persisting for 18 to 24 months.

MD Codes

Highest pilotage in the injection of hyaluronic fillers to achieve natural results

Introducing MD Codes

Aesthetic facial medicine is constantly evolving with the development of cutting-edge products and innovative techniques for their use. With almost endless treatment options available, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate modality to achieve the optimal result for the patient.

MD Codes are the result of Dr. Mauricio De Mayo’s 20 years of clinical experience – they are a series of practical strategies for injecting hyaluronic fillers that allow medical professionals to optimize a patient’s facial features in a simple and effective way. MD Codes are strictly defined hyaluronic acid injection points that achieve natural and optimal results tailored to each patient’s individuality. The Codes are designed to work exclusively with the versatility of the Juvederm VYCROSS family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Why use MD Codes?

Хиалуронови филъри

The face can be divided into distinct anatomical parts (e.g., eyebrows, midface, lips, etc.). MD Sodesare a series of precise points (or sub-parts) in each part of the face into which a precise amount of hyaluronic acid is injected to produce a lifted and natural-looking result. They are based on the principle that parts of the face should be restored or treated in a constructive manner.

What are the main MD Codes?

Хиалуронови филъриХиалуронови филъри

8-Point Facelift, 3-Point Forehead Correction (corrects the shape of the forehead and improves the appearance of lines), 2-Point Temporomandibular Correction (fills in the post-jowl area), 3-Point Brow Correction (lifting and shaping the brows), 2-Point Glabellar Correction, 3-Point Periorbital Correction (improves the appearance of static lines and volume loss in the lateral periorbital area), 3-point tear trough correction (improves the infraorbital area), 5-point midface correction, 3-point nasolabial correction, 8-point lip correction (helps increase lip volume, emphasizes lip contour), 3-point marionette line correction, 6-point chin correction, 5-point lower jaw line correction

The VYCROSS family

Volume loss is a major component of facial aging. Factors that contribute to this are fat redistribution, skeletal changes, and other changes in tissue composition. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a well-established means of combating volume loss, contouring and providing maintenance and structure to the face.

The VYCROSS family of products addresses the needs of all areas of the face with just three products: Juvederm VOLBELLA, Juvederm VOLIFT and Juvederm VOLUMA.

The versatility of the VYCROSS family in combination with MD Codes marks a major breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine. Together, they further refine procedures and set new standards. The VYCROSS family yields the best ingredients, guaranteeing quality and safe treatments.

Demonstration of Juvederm Vycross and MD codes in Skin Line

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