InMode Boost - the Synergy Between Morpheus8 & Lumecca

Morpheus8 is a revolutionary new method in aesthetic medicine, which combines radiofrequency and microneedling to treat fine lines, pigmentation, scars and wrinkles. It is effective for sagging skin, which has lost its elasticity. Worldwide, it is known as the gold standard in radiofrequency microneedling.

How does the treatment with Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL work?

The impulses from Morpheus8 penetrate the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis and improving blood circulation and bloodflow in the zone. The treatment results in an increased number of fibroblasts (the most numerous cells in the connective tissue), whose function is to synthesize collagen and form the extracellular matrix.

Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works on the surface of the skin and is a method of treatment for pigmented lesions and other types of photoaging, as well as rosacea, diffuse redness, broken capillaries. The treatment with Lumecca IPL is non-invasive, painless and does not require any recovery period. It is suitable for all skin types, which are in phototype 1-3.

Even after one procedure with Lumecca IPL your face will be smoother, brighter and with a more even tone.

We have all heard the old wisdom that beauty requires sacrifice, and we are often ready to make those sacrifices to achieve the desired result. But what if we told you that there are procedures which achieve amazing results in a short time, without pain and a recovery period?

Yes, Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL are those procedures!

Microneedling is a mini-invasive procedure which uses small needles to make “microchannels” in depth in the skin. This way, the cells are stimulated to synthesize new collagen and regenerate. Those processes make the skin smoother and tigher and increase its quality in the long term.

After the procedures, the skin is prepared to better receive active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C and absorbs them with ease. Thanks to the RF technology and its impulses, Morpheus8 can also be utilized on zones of the body to fight unwanted fat or tighten the skin after pregnancy or weightloss. The effect is a more toned and tightened appearance. Lumecca IPL can also be used on the body to treat freckles, pigmentations, portwine stains and others.


Combining procedures - why is it a good idea?

When the radiofrequency microneedling with Morpheus8 is combined with Lumecca IPL, you will get better results, as they have synergy. Lumecca IPL reduces redness in the face and pigmentations on the surface of the skin, while Morpheus8 tightens and improves skin quality in depth.

If Lumecca IPL is used before a procedure with Morpheus8, inflammation in conditions such as acne and rosacea will be reduced, while at the same time treating unwanted pigmentation.

The combination between the two procedures is wonderful for pigmentations, sagging and inelastic skin, scars, redness. Collagen formation will be stimulated for a healthier and more beautiful skin with Lumecca and Morpheus8.

Lumecca and Morpheus8 in Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics

Only in Skin Line aesthetic clinics you can take advantage of the synergy between those revolutionary therapies. Our dermatologists are always happy to consult you and share their experience and expertise about Lumecca and Morpheus8.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask your questions or book your procedure. You can find us in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

Results of Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL

You are curious about what the therapies with Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL can achieve? On the left you can see the result from only one session of freckles treatment with Lumecca IPL, and on the right – Morpheus8 results on fine lines, wrinkles and modeling of the facial contour after 3 procedures.

lumecca ipl freckles
morpheus8 wrinkles

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