Most wanted areas for laser hair removal?

Excessive facial and body hair is an extremely unpleasant problem and causes discomfort to both women and most men. The causes can be both genetic and due to hormonal imbalance, metabolic problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome , medication, etc. Hair loss can be activated due to various factors at a certain stage of life.

Laser hair removal is the only method that effectively and permanently reduces unwanted hair , unlike other methods – shaving, waxing, epilator, depilatory cream, plucking with tweezers and others.


A series of laser hair removal treatments are required to successfully and effectively treat hair. For most patients, the results are long-lasting and persist for years, with maintenance treatments usually needed once or twice a year. The number of laser sessions is not fixed and depends on individual characteristics, skin type, hair type and pigment, with a minimum of 6 treatments for body areas and 8 for the face. Some areas require a higher number of laser hair removal sessions.

Facial areas - upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks

Laserna epilaciya litse 1

Facial hair, even with lighter and finer hairs, causes the most discomfort. The nature of facial hair is different from body hair and requires more sessions. Facial hair is most affected in cases of hormonal imbalance, menopause, etc.

Very often, as a consequence of treating the facial areas with tweezers or waxing, the skin becomes inflamed, rough and pigmented, and shaving or using depilatory cream is not advisable as it activates the growth and thickens the hair in the area.

Laser hair removal performed with the right type of medical laser produces exceptional results. Usually, the hairs in these areas are very fine and thin to light and only the Alexandrite laser has the necessary parameters (short pulse of the laser beam) to treat them effectively. After an Alexandrite laser treatment, the hairs lighten, thin and become much less noticeable. Incredibly, but a fact, hair removal in these small areas radically changes the appearance of the skin, the overall look of the face and of course, self-confidence.


Intimate area and armpits

Лазерна епилация интимна зона подмишници

In these areas, hair is no less unpleasant. The intimate area and armpits are usually treated by shaving, which leads to faster growth, thickening and thickening of the hair. Due to frequent treatment, the skin in the areas becomes inflamed at the sites of hair growth. You’ve probably been in a situation where you’re putting on your favorite dress and realize you haven’t shaved your underarms. This could ruin an otherwise meticulously planned night out with friends.

Now imagine what it would be like if you never asked yourself when you last shaved your underarms.

Лазерната епилация дава отново изключителен комфорт на гладка кожа, без зачервявания и възпаления. Качествената и трайна лазерна епилация в тези зони създава и чисто хигиенни удобства.

The hair in these areas is thicker and darker and could be successfully treated initially with Diode and Nd:YAG lasers, but the Alexandrite laser is the most suitable and effective for achieving permanent results.


лазерна епилация крака

The legs are the largest area on the body and achieving smooth skin and an effect that lasts as long as possible for many women is almost unattainable if the familiar methods of shaving, depilatory, waxing are used. Shaving hurts and roughens the skin in these areas and smooth legs become a myth. Additionally, these outdated methods can lead to ingrown hairs, inflamed hair follicles and even sores and scarring on the skin. Additionally, hair removal in the shower is a slowand tedious manipulation.

With laser leg hair removal, you can interrupt your daily shave sessions and cancel your monthly waxing appointments. After a few laser hair removal treatments, you can enjoy perfectly smooth and soft skin in this area. Laser hair removal is the only solution for ingrown hairs, which not a few women suffer from. The appeal of eternally smooth legs goes far beyond aesthetics. Laser hair removal gives you the indescribable feeling of smoothness and self-confidence. Laser hair removal gives you that feeling with just a few laser sessions.

The Alexandrite laser is again the most suitable laser for treating hair in the leg area due to the wide parameter range and short pulse that is applied to the finer and thinner hairs. Treatment intervals in this area are usually more than a month, even after the first treatment – usually 45-60 days or more.



лазерна епилация ръце

The hands are an area that is not only exposed to sunlight first in the spring, but very often exposed in the winter months as well. This necessitates year-round care to remove hair, which takes time and creates discomfort after treatment.

It is especially uncomfortable if the hair is more intensified and dark, i.e. it is much more visible even in the early days of growth. Very often, as a result of the waxing and the materials used, redness and unpleasant rashes can appear on the skin. This can also happen after shaving and epilator.

In the arm area, for thicker and darker hairs, the best results are achieved with Alexandrite laser hair removal. If the hairs are fine and thin to light, this is the only correct choice. The intervals between treatments most often exceed a month, and after a few sessions, even two months.

Requirements for Laser Hair Removal

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