– the first hyaluronic filter from Allergan™ Vycross™ series with implant effect

Juvederm Volux

A well-defined lower face is extremely important for the attractiveness of the entire face. For most patients, ideal proportions are associated with a pronounced and strong chin and a defined facial contour. Facial volume in this area is affected by both changes that occur with age and bony deformities. In patients with vertical microgenia /small chin/, horizontal microgenia /bone deficiency in the area/ or an undefined mandible, the harmonious proportions are disturbed and this changes the overall aesthetic appearance of the face.

JUVÉDERM™ Volux™ is an evolutionary product in Allergan’s Vycross™ series based on structural hyaluronic acid, specifically designed to restore or create volume in the lower face:

  • chin shaping
  • lower jaw sculpting
  • lifting the facial contour

JUVÉDERM™ Volux™ has the potential of an implant to sculpt, contour and create volume and projection without surgical intervention.


As part of the Vycross™ product range of the American company Allergan™, Volux™ has all the advantages of other fillers such as smoothness, easy injection, exceptional tolerance and natural results.  The product has the highest amount of hyaluronic acid (25mg/ml) and achieves a long-lasting implant effect.

According to Jacobson’s soft tissue analysis, in an ideal facial profile the angle formed by the G-Sn-Pog points should be 8-16°. Volux™ corrects for changes in the G-Sn-Pog angle as well as chin projection.

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attracts a minimal amount of water and significantly reduces the possibility of edema after injection compared to JUVÉDERM™ Voluma™ . It has a high resistance to free radicals and this increases its resistance and durability.

The integration of JUVÉDERM™ Volux™ into the patient’s tissue is observed as early as one week after injection, and the improvements in the chin and jaw area are long-lasting, with the effect persisting for 18 to 24 months.

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