Hyaluronic Fillers JUVÉDERM™ Ultra of Allergan

Juvederm филъри

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra are hyaluronic fillers with improved cohesive 3D MATRIX structure and rich product range of various densities, for achieving a natural and long-term result conformed to the patient’s individual needs. The new patented JUVÉDERM™ Ultra formula contains a lidocaine solution for painless, gradual and controlled injection. The products in this series are with highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and are approved by the American Food and Drug Administration /FDA/

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra hyaluronic acid gel has a smooth structure and high plasticity. It is light and convenient for injecting, distribution and modelling.

The advantage of JUVÉDERM™ Ultra is the natural looking results.

Product range

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra Smile /0,55ml/

Juvederm Ultra Smile

specially designed for lip correction; an unique product for natural and gentle plumping and elegant contour, as well as for treatment of the vertical mouth lines and depressions in the mouth corner.

Suitable for sustaining the achieved result/filling and refined correction.

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra   2 /0,55ml/

Juvederm Ultra 2

Product for correction of superficial and fine lines, in particular the lateral periorbital, superficial lines or such near to the skin surface.

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra   3 /1ml/

Juvederm Ultra 3

Universal product for smoothing medium and deep wrinkles, like these between the nose and the corner of the mouth and around the lips, extremely suitable for formation of volume and contouring the lips.

JUVÉDERM™ Ultra   4 /1ml/

Juvederm Ultra 4

Product for volume effect, for deep folds and lines, and improvement of the face contour.

JUVÉDERM™ Hydrate™ /1ml/

Juvederm Hydrate

Juvederm™ Hydrate™ is a solution indicated for use in improving skin hydration and elasticity by multi-injection into the dermal epidermal junction and into the superficial dermis.

How to choose the best product

Your doctor will choose the most appropriate JUVÉDERM™ Ultra product for your needs.

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