Diamond polishing and oxygen infusion

Water Oxygen System – pure oxygen revolution

The technological innovation Water Oxygen System is equipment with versatile applications. It enriches skin with saturated concentrate of pure oxygen and “helps” tissues in “difficult situation”.

Thanks to its multifunctionality, Water Oxygen System is a real invention for the aesthetic dermatology. The equipment is a selective configuration between most popular aesthetic methods like vacuum, microdermabrasion, precisely selected peel /superficial to deep/ with diamond micro-particles, oxygen spray gun, high pressure oxygen injector cocktail serums of minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc., which penetrate into the tissues through compressed oxygen and H2O (Saline) injection and through micro-jet infusion.

The first function of Water Oxygen System is the performance of a new type of cleaning, peel or microdermabrasion, depending on the depth. This is a medical technology for removal of the top dermal layer, aiming to restore its smoothness and vitality, through polishing with natural diamond particles and controlled dead skin suction. The bi-functional system configuration /vacuum and diamond abrasive particles/ enables maximal flexibility and guarantees quick results. Removal of the unnecessary layer smoothens skin surface and supports new formation process. Blood supply and oxygen saturation is increased. Furthermore, vacuum use improves capillary elasticity, oxygen movement and release in the tissues. The delicate peel smoothens the superficial layer of the skin, facilitates penetration of active substances and prepares it for next treatment. Circulation and metabolism as well as the process of intercellular protein transportation are powerfully accelerated. Ageing process caused by the free radicals is effectively counteracted. Results achieved through polishing with Water Oxygen System diamond device are similar to these of procedures with chemical agents but all unpleasant side effects like heat, inflammations and other skin reactions are avoided.

Oxy Touch System

The second function of Water Oxygen System is an oxygen infusion. It is performed through a special applicator which sprays pure oxygen (90-95 %) under controlled pressure with the purpose of penetration of the special active substances to deepest possible epidermis layers.

Oxygen jet sprayed under pressure facilitates the introduction of the special cosmetic products with which skin is treated, their deep penetration in the epidermis, the release of the active substances and their influence on cells. Skin is enriched and revitalized in depth, with restored functions, improved physiology and decelerated ageing processes.

Oxy Touch System

The third function of Water Oxygen System is the high pressure oxygen injector. It “injects” deeply in the skin the active products and delivers a big dose of oxygen. In addition could be added the oxygen mask, which in 5 minutes gives the client the possibility to breath pure 99% oxygen.

Oxygen therapy can be used both as an independent cosmetic procedure and as part of programs targeted to specific medical and aesthetic problems:

Complex oxygen therapy “Bright & Breathe” with BABOR cosmetic

  • Expression lines and signs of ageing

  • Pigmented liaisons

  • Stretch marks

  • Acne scars

  • Other skin scars

  • Cellulite

  • Acne

  • Rosacea

  • Psoriasis

  • Redness

  • Various inflammatory conditions for which aggressive methods are contra-indicated.

Diamond polishing and Oxygen infusion is performed by

Water Oxygen System is available at Skin Line Varna

Classical therapies
Classical cleaning with French cosmetic
Classical cleaning with French cosmetic, diamond polishing and oxygen infusion with Water Oxygen System80lv
Classical cleaning with BABOR cosmetics
Classical cleaning with BABOR cosmetics, diamond polishing and oxygen infusion with Water Oxygen System90lv
Hydrating therapy with hyaluronic acid, diamond polishing and oxygen infusion with Water Oxygen System55lv
Hydrating therapy with hyaluronic acid, diamond polishing and oxygen infusion with Water Oxygen System + relaxing facial massage70lv
Complex oxygen therapy "Bright & Breathe" with BABOR cosmetics 80lv
Ultrasound therapy55lv
Cleaning and shaping of eyebrows 10lv
Cleaning, shaping and coloring of eyebrows 16lv

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