Diamond polishing and oxygen infusion

Water Oxygen System – the pure oxygen revolution


The technological achievement Water Oxygen System is a multi-purpose device that enriches the skin with a saturated concentrate of pure oxygen and “helps” tissues in “distress”.

Thanks to its versatility, the Water Oxygen System is a real discovery for aesthetic dermatology. The device is a selective configuration between the most popular aesthetic methods such as: vacuum, microdermabrasion, precisely selected peeling /superficial to deep/ with diamond microparticles, oxygen spray mesotherapy, oxygen injection, cocktail serums of minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc., which penetrate the tissues by injecting compressed oxygen and H2O (Saline) by microjet infusion.

The first function of the Water Oxygen System is to perform a new type of cleansing, peeling or microdermabrasion depending on the depth. This is a medical technology to remove the top layer of the skin in order to restore its smoothness and vitality, by polishing with natural diamond particles and controlled suction of dead skin. The configuration of the dual-function system /vacuum and diamond abrasive particles/ allows maximum flexibility and guarantees fast results. The removal of the unnecessary layer smooths the skin surface and supports the resurfacing process. Blood supply and oxygen saturation are increased. Moreover, the use of vacuum improves capillary elasticity, movement and oxygen release in the tissues.

Oxy Touch System

The delicate peeling smoothes the surface layer of the skin, facilitates the penetration of active substances and prepares it for the next treatment. Powerfully accelerates circulation and metabolism, as well as the process of intercellular protein transport. The ageing process caused by free radicals is also effectively counteracted. The results achieved by polishing with the Water Oxygen System’s diamond device are similar to treatments with chemical agents, but all unpleasant side effects such as redness, inflammation and other skin reactions are avoided.

The second function of the Water Oxygen System is oxygen saturation. It is carried out by means of a special applicator that injects pure oxygen /90-95%/ under controlled pressure in order to penetrate the special active substances to the deepest possible layers of the epidermis.

The oxygen jet injected under pressure facilitates the introduction of the special cosmetic products with which the skin is treated, their deep penetration into the epidermis, the release of active substances and their effect on the cells. The skin is enriched and revitalized in depth, with restored functions, improved physiology and slowed aging processes.

Oxy Touch System

The third function of the Water Oxygen System is oxygen injection. It “injects” the active product deep into the skin and delivers a large dose of oxygen. As an addition, an oxygen mask can be added that within 5 minutes allows the client to inhale 99% pure oxygen.

Oxygen therapy can be used as a stand-alone cosmetic procedure or as part of programs aimed at influencing specific medical and aesthetic concerns:

Complex oxygen therapy "Bright & Breathe" with BABOR cosmetics

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