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a revolutionary therapy for the face and scalp

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Exosomes are quickly taking their place as a revolutionary therapy in aesthetic and regenerative medicine. They are most often used for facial treatments, therapies for the scalp to treat hai loss and for faster recovery after more invasive procedures such as ablative lasers and chemical peels. Those uses harvest the regenerative properties of exosomes to improve skin texture, minimize scars and stimulate hair growth.


What are exosomes?

Exosomes are very small extracellular vesicles, which are naturally secreted from almost all cell types. They function as communicators, carrying proteins, lipids and nucleic acids between the cells. This fundamental process - communication between cells - is critical for maintaining homeostasis and the success of many physiological processes such as healing and regeneration of tissues. In aesthetic medicine, the ability of exosomes to affect the behavior of cells allows for a new way to treat different skin issues and maintain the youthful appearance of the face.

How does the therapy with exosomes work and what are the expected results?

One of the big advantages of exosome therapy is that they stimulate the synthesis of own collagen, improve skin elasticity and improve healing of wounds and traumas without using synthetic or foreign substances. This makes exosome treatments an attractive option for patients who are looking for natural and minimally invasive solutions for the aging processes. In addition, exosomes have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them suitable for conditions such as acne and rosacea.

The most frequent applications of exosomes in aesthetic medicine are facial treatments, scalp therapies and recovery treatments after more invasive procedures such as ablative lasers and chemical peels for a faster recovery. Those applications harness the regenerative abilities of exosomes to improve skin texture, reduce scarring and stimulate hair growth.

Either the autologous (own) exosomes of the patient are used, gathered from his own blood plasma, or ready-made cocktails from embryonic stem cells, often enriched with vitamins and minerals, depending on the therapy you choose together with your doctor.

After that, they are delivered in the desired zone using the chosen method – injecting or microneedling. Exosomes then attach to the cells and help them regenerate and revitalize.

Exosome therapy stimulates the synthesis of own collagen up to 6 times and increases elastin levels by up to 30%. The procedures help the treated skin regenerate in a natural and healthy way. The results are revitalized skin with a fresher, smoother, tighter and glowier appearance. Exosome therapy also improves hair health. It improves cell quality, stimulates new growth, controls hair loss, protects the stem cells of hair follicles from environmental damage and improves hair texture. After other aesthetic procedures such as CO2 lasers, chemical peels or Morpheus8, the application of exosomes decreases the recovery period and the risk from side effects such as postinflammatory hyperpigmentations and improves results.

Benefits of exosome therapy:

1. A safe non-surgical procedure with a minimal recovery period:

Exosome therapies are non-surgical and minimally invasive. This means that the recovery period is extremely short. The possibiliy of side effects is also minimal, as exosomes are hypoallergenic and nonimunnogenic.

2. Fights signs of aging and improves skin tone:

Fights signs of aging and improve skin tone: Exosome therapy is effective against the signs of aging. It heals and regenerates cells, which have visible signs of aging and makes the skin look more youthful and glowy. It also decreases the chronic inflammation in conditions such as acne and rosacea.

3. Improves tissue regeneration:

Exosome therapy can reverse the process of tissue degeneration - an important part of the aging processes. The therapy stimulates the growth of new tissue and improves cell health.

4. Increases cell immunity:

The therapy with exosomes makes the new cells healthier and regenerates the damaged cells. They work better, which increases their cell immunity.

Types of therapies with exosomes for face and scalp



Our Skin Line Signature Exoheal is a skinbooster with a patented exosome biotechnology. It contains 49.2 billion exosomes. It nourishes the own regenerative properties of the skin to treat skin sensitivities and signs of aging such as: wide pores, a weakened skin barrier, dryness, pigmentations, redness, skin issues caused by stress, dry and rough texture. It increases the synthesis of collagen type I by up to 143% and collagen type III by up to 67%. It reduces inflammation by reducing the synthesis of cytokines TNF-α and IL-6 by more than 50%. It improves exosome function with a special peptide complex containing 6 types of growth factors. In addition, the product is being enriched with 22 types of aminoacids, 4 types of minerals, 8 types of hyaluronic acid for an optimal effect. The therapy hydrates, revitalized, nourishes and protects the skin and makes it glowier. It takes around 30-45 minutes and can be applied on the face, scalp and different zones on the body. It can be combined with other regenerative procedures such as PRP and PRF, as well as laser and microneedling procedures.


Autologous exosomes are the own exosomes of the patient. They are derived from the own blood of the patient using a unique system of centrifuging and ultrafiltration, in order to achieve a high concentration of own, high-quality exosomes. The fact that they are autologous means that there is no risk of immune reaction or side effects, as the exosomes are derived from the same individual who is getting the procedure. The procedure is relatively quick - it takes between 45-60 minutes. 40ml of blood is drawn, so we ask that our patients have had some food 1-2 hours before the procedure and that they are well hydrated. We also advise that alcohol is avoided the day before the procedure. Right after we draw the blood, we centrifuge it, filter it and prepare it for injection. We derive around 5ml autologous exosomes to inject in the face or scalp. During our preparation time, we apply a topical numbing cream, which makes the injections virtually painless. If we apply the autologous exosomes after a laser or microneedling procedure, we can use the so-called laser assisted drug delivery - a topical application of exosomes following the other therapy, which uses the created microchannels from the laser or microneedling device to reach the desired cells. We always prepare and inject the autologous exosomes in the same session, so that we can guarantee their high quality and viability. In aesthetic medicine, autologous exosomes are used to heal soft tissues, improve skin quality, the glow of the skin tone, to increase synthesis of own collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of stretch marks, pigmentations, acne and rosacea. Autologous exosomes improve the quality of hair follicles, increase hair growth, making them extremely suitable treatments after a hair transplant or to treat different types of hair loss.


Dermapen microneedling with exosomes MG-EXO-SKIN

Microneedling therapies with Dermapen4 are already well loved by many of you. In some of their indications, such as acne, rosacea, pigmentations and melasma, the addition of the ethically sourced exosomes MG-EXO-SKIN, created to maximize the results from clinical microneedling, harvest the maximum from the controlled microtrauma and the power of exosomes, leading to not only rejuvenation, but regeneration of the skin. The addition of MG-EXO-SKIN to the Dermapen4 procedure introduces more than 806 million exosomes in the treated zone per minute and distributes them evenly on the entire zone. Using this method, we have a smaller chance of hematomas (bruising), a faster recovery period and a faster procedure - only around 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of Dermapen4 + MG-EXO-SKIN?

- Sending signals on the cellular level, which increase the own regenerative and healing processed for a more youthful appearance of the skin.
- Maximal results for skin regeneration without invasive techniques.
- Stimulates the synthesis of own collagen and elastin.
- Promotes the recovery and healing processes for effective treatment of scars.
- Treats many common skin issues such as pigmentations, rossacea, melasma, acne, signs of aging.
- The ability to combine with other specialized Dermapen4 products in one procedure personalized for your skin.
- Faster results from any other Dermapen4 microneedling procedure.

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