First in Bulgaria – Priapus Shot  (P-Shot®)

PRP (thrombocyte-enriched plasma) injections in the penis

Many men would agree with the statement that their penis is the most important organ in their body. Even though it is not decisive for everyday survival, the correct functioning of the penis is crucial for intimate relationships. Difficulties in achieving or maintaining erections, or concerns regarding the size of the penis, its shape, or pain can affect the confidence or create issues between the partners.

Luckily, the human body is capable of healing itself by using stem cells, which make tissues regenerate. PRP is based on concentrated thrombocytes, rich with bioactive proteins, which saturate with growth factors, to stimulate and quicken cell regeneration. PRP starts in various medical areas as treatment for wounds and sports trauma, but is nowadays also used in aesthetic medicine, as well as in cases connected to sexual dysfunction.

What is PRP and P-Shot®?

PRP means platelet rich plasma, or plasma rich in thrombocytes. This is a category of regenerative autologous therapies – based on the patient’s own blood, which is used to stimulate cell and tissue regeneration. Thrombocytes are suitable for the purpose because when they are activated, they enrich the surrounding tissues with growth factors and other useful proteins.

P-Shot® is a PRP therapy of the penis, a shortened form of Priapus Shot, named after the Greek god of fertility and male genitalia Priapus. Charles Runnels, M.D. creates the procedure and tests it on himself.


What are the benefits of P-Shot®?

  • A stronger and harder erection

  • Easier to achieve and maintain an erection (improvements in the sexual stamina)

  • Increased length and girth of the penis

  • Improvements or a solution for the problem of curving of the penis caused by the Peyronie disease

  • Treatment of the problems of pain in the penis during an erection

  • Increased sensitivity in the penis

  • Improvement of the blood circulation in the penis

How does P-Shot® work?

The growth factors and proteins, which result from the high concentration of thrombocytes in PRP activate the stem cells and stimulate cell regeneration in the zone of the body where they are applied. Collagen synthesis and new blood cells are also stimulated and further facilitate the regeneration.

What does the P-Shot® procedure look like?

A small quantity of blood from the patient is necessary, which is drawn in the clinic during the procedure. Afterwards, the blood is treated in a special centrifuge, which separates the thrombocytes and the plasma from the rest. The thrombocytes are isolated and later injected back to the patient’s body, to be exact, in the zone where their positive impacts are needed. An anesthetic cream is used on the body, together with local anesthesia on the penis to ensure the comfort of the patient during P-Shot®.

The procedure lasts for about 60 minutes. P-Shot® does not impact the daily routine of the patients – driving and working with machines can continue right after the procedure. Patients can be sexually active in the same day, but not sooner than 4 hours after the procedure.

Is there something else, which I’ll have to do after the procedure?

Yes. To achieve an optimal effect from the procedure, it is necessary to use a VED (a vacuum device for achieving an erection, or a penis pump) twice a day. It takes only a few minutes, but not using it decreases the strength of the positive effects.

What are the possible side effects of P-Shot®?

PRP is created using the patient’s own blood. This means that the side effects are few and not serious. They include slight bleeding, irritation, or swelling.

PRP Plasmotherapy
Face and Neck400lv
Scalp 400lv
P-shot 1000lv
Signature PRP with enrichment for strech marks500lv
PRF 1000lv
Signature PRP with enrichment - face and neck500-700lv
Signature PRP with enrichment - scalp550-650lv

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