Project Description

Mesotherapy is a widely used method, which together with botox and hyaluronic fillers, revolutionized aesthetic medicine. Their successful combination and application is the modern adequate antidote for the processes of aging and the maintenance of a youthful appearance without surgical interventions.

Mesotherapy is a medical technology created in 1952 by the french doctor Michelle Pastor. It is recognized officially in 1987 by the French Medical Academy as part of traditional medicine. Mesotherapy consists of micro-injection of cocktails of active ingredients /vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids, nucleic bases, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and others/ in the surface, middle or deeper layer of the skin – depending on the treated zone, as well as the products and techniques employed. The method provides precise infiltration of the active ingredients, which facilitate cell metabolism, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, control the processes of pigmentation and restore effective local microcirculation.


Injection is done with a special mesotherapy gun or by using different manual techniques. The number of procedures is determined by the application and the medical protocol. Mesotherapy is a relatively short procedure with good patient tolerance and minimal side effects.

The dermatologist physicians of Skin Line Clinic Sofia and Varna are certified and trained to work with all mesotherapies registered on the Bulgarian market. 

Applications and results

revitalizes, tones, tightens and hydrates the skin, creates glow and a youthful appearance

smoothens wrinkles, improves elasticity, with immediate lifting effect

/radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields and vacuum/ – achieves remarkable results

Trained mesotherapy doctors

We use products for mesotherapy by:

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid
Juvederm, Teosyal, Saypha, RRS, Neauvia200 - 400lv
Mesotherapy with HA and biorevitalizing complex
RRS, Pluryal150 - 200lv
Mesotherapy with collagen Guna Tissue
1 procedure80lv
5 procedure375lv
Mesolift products
Juvederm Volite 700lv
Restylane Vital Light/Vital280 - 300lv

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