Revitalizing therapy for face or scalp with autologous exosomes

Revitalizing therapy for face or scalp with autologous exosomes



Autologous exosomes are the own exosomes of the patient. They are derived from the own blood of the patient using a unique system of centrifuging and ultrafiltration, in order to achieve a high concentration of own, high-quality exosomes. The fact that they are autologous means that there is no risk of immune reaction or side effects, as the exosomes are derived from the same individual who is getting the procedure. The procedure is relatively quick – it takes between 45-60 minutes. 40ml of blood is drawn, so we ask that our patients have had some food 1-2 hours before the procedure and that they are well hydrated. We also advise that alcohol is avoided the day before the procedure. Right after we draw the blood, we centrifuge it, filter it and prepare it for injection. We derive around 5ml autologous exosomes to inject in the face or scalp. During our preparation time, we apply a topical numbing cream, which makes the injections virtually painless. If we apply the autologous exosomes after a laser or microneedling procedure, we can use the so-called laser assisted drug delivery – a topical application of exosomes following the other therapy, which uses the created microchannels from the laser or microneedling device to reach the desired cells. We always prepare and inject the autologous exosomes in the same session, so that we can guarantee their high quality and viability. In aesthetic medicine, autologous exosomes are used to heal soft tissues, improve skin quality, the glow of the skin tone, to increase synthesis of own collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of stretch marks, pigmentations, acne and rosacea. Autologous exosomes improve the quality of hair follicles, increase hair growth, making them extremely suitable treatments after a hair transplant or to treat different types of hair loss.

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