Venus Legacy: Say goodbye to fat deposits in the abdominal area

In addition to treating fatty deposits in the facial area withVenus Legacy, the device is also extremely effective in overall body sculpting and skin tightening.

Venus Legacy is an enhanced version of Venus Freeze. It is better and gives faster results. Venus Legacy can tighten loose skin, reduce fat and break down tightness, it also helps in body resculpting. It is a non-invasive method and does all this without any pain and prolonged downtime!

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Venus Legacy also fights stubborn fibrous cellulite. Radiofrequency, magnetic pulses and heat combined with a vacuum are used to stimulate the production of new elastin and collagen over a period of time. Venus has different applications and protocols of operation that are used for the most effective results.

How does the Venus Legacy procedure work in the abdominal area?

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First clean the area to be treated, then apply glycerin gel. The procedure is very relaxing and pleasant. It feels like a soothing hot stone massage. The vacuum does not hurt, but a gentle lymphatic drainage massage is felt. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes. The treated area becomes red, in this case the abdominal area, but this redness subsides quickly. Even with one treatment, the result is visible the next day. The treated area feels firmer and more elastic. The skin is smoother. Non-invasive, no pain before or after, and fast results within 30 to 90 minutes!

Venus Legacy achieves outstanding results, even after 1 treatment. The recommended number of treatments for optimal results vary by skin type and needs. Typically, 8 body treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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