Other than treating fat stores in the zone of the face with Venus Legacy, the machine is very effective for the overall sculpting of the body and tightening of the skin.

Venus Legacy is an improved version of Venus Freeze. It is better, and also gives faster results. Venus Legacy can tighten loose skin, decrease fat stores and help resculpt the body. This is an non-invasive method and achieves all of its effects without pain or a long-lasting procedure!

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy also fights the stubborn fibrous cellulite. The radiofrequency, magnetic impulses and heat combined with a vacuum are used to stimulate the synthesis of new elastin and collagen in a time period. Venus has different applications and work protocols, which are used for the most effective results.

What does a Venus Legacy procedure in the zone of the stomach look like?

Venus Legacy

First, the zone which is to be treated is cleaned up, and then a glycerin gel is applied. The procedure is very relaxing and pleasant. It feels like a calming hot stone massage. The vacuum does not hurt, but instead, a light lympho-draining massage is felt. The procedure lasts around 30 minutes. The treated zone becomes slightly red, in this case the zone of the stomach, but this skin reaction goes away fast. Even after only one procedure, the result is visible on the next day. The treated zone is tighter and more elastic. The skin is smoother. Non-invasive, without pain before or after, and fast results with duration of between 30 and 90 minutes!

Venus Legacy achieves exceptional results, even after only one procedure. The recommended number of procedures for optimal results vary due to the skin type and needs. Usually, for optimal results, 8 procedure in the zones of the body are recommended.

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