All of us want to look young, in good physical condition and with a healthy skin appearance. Some even consider surgical interventions. Before you decide on the scalpel, let’s look at a new alternative – Venus Legacy! If you have the opportunity to try this face procedure, you will surely be content with the results.

Venus Legacy

This new technology fights against loose skin and cellulite!

How does Venus Legacy work?

Radiofrequency and ultrasound are used everywhere in aesthetic dermatology. Venus Legacy is an improved version of a previous generation of machines by Venus Concept – Venus Freeze. Venus Legacy is different than the previous technological versions in aesthetic dermatology which use radiofrequency and ultrasound. Venus Legacy is a noninvasive method for safe treatment of cellulite and loose skin in the zones of the face, neck, and body. It uses the energy of the frequency of the radiowaves to heat up the skin, so that it tightents in the treated zone.

In combination with the radiofrequency warmth, magnets generate a magnetic impulse field, which provokes the synthesis of new collagen and elastin for lasting results. In addition, the treated skin tightens, production of collagen is activated and the skin appears younger and healthier. The working headpiece, other than radiofrequency and magnetic impulses, also has a sucking function. The sucking improves lymphatic drainage and causes physical stress to the fat cells in order to decrease fat. The partial sucking in of the skin allows for a deeper penetration and therefore delivers more heat in depth in the treated zone. The massage, high radiofrequency, impulse sucking and heat help to destroy the fat cells in the zone. This combination with induced heat enables a natural and independent recovery of the body.

Venus Freeze is one of the best-kept secrets of celebrities and models. Cara Delevigne is one of the models who use Venus Freeze for a quick refreshing therapy before working. She says “My skin got worse during fashion shows, due to frequent travels, so for the new season i decided to prepare myself with radiofrequency lifting of the face with Venus Freeze. Heating the skin activates blood circulation in the zone, and after the procedure, the skin was tighter and smoother, as the machine assists the new collagen synthesis.” She will, for sure, use the more modern procedure with Venus Legacy soon. Venus Legacy offers fantastic results not only for mature skin by lifting and shaping the face and body, but also has a very good effect on young skin. With the procedure, the skin is denser, tighter and overall shaping and smoothing (more collagen is always welcome!) of the skin for all patients over 18 years old. The full effectiveness of Venus Legacy, which brings about the best results, is shown in people between 30 and 50 with loose skin, when the skin is more likely to sag and needs tightening and collagen synthesis stimulation.

How is a procedure with Venus Legacy in the zone of chin and bottom half of the face conducted? 

Before the procedure, any makeup is removed from the skin and a thick layer of glycerin gel is applied. Glycerin protects the skin from the direct effect of heat, and assists the working headpiece to move smoothly without causing skin damage and bruising in the treated zone. The procedure is very pleasant. It feels like a relaxing face massage with hot stones. The slight vacuum is very pleasant, like a light lympho-draining massage.

Venus Legacy лице

No pain or discomfort is felt during the procedure with Venus Legacy. You can even fall asleep. The entire procedure takes around 40 minutes /for the zone of whole face/. I was slightly red in the zone of jaw/chin, but it only lasted around 30 minutes. There is no burning, even though there is heat treatment.

On the next day, even after only one procedure, the result is impressive. My chin and face contour are better shape, the skin appears smoother and more elastic.


Venus Legacy works!

The results for skin tightening and shaping of the face contour are visible even only with 1 procedure. A certain number of procedures is recommended for optimal results, depending on the skin type and needs, but no less than 6 to 8 procedures.

The procedure has no analogue for contouring and shaping the face oval, removal of excess fat, lifting and smoothing the skin of the face and neck.

Non-invasive, no pain before or after.

Fast and easy results from 30 to 90 minutes.

The results before and after are really impressive.

If you have loose skin or cellulite and this worries you, this procedure is for you.

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