Cellulite and loosening or sagging of the skin are some of the most frequent complaints of women. With time, skin becomes less and less elastic, which brings about its sagging and loosening. Cellulite can appear in any age and body structure and is caused by fat stores under the skin, which give it a swollen and “orange-like” appearance. It is especially noticable on the hips and buttocks and can often cause discomfort to women. It’s well known that cellulite is hard to treat, even with the numerous creams, home methods, exercise and diet.

Venus Legacy

Some of the traditional methods, improving the sagging of the skin, are surgical interventions, but from the non-surgical, one of the most modern and successful methods is Venus Legacy by Venus Concept – using a 4D technology – a combination of Multipolar radiofrequency (RF), pulsating magnetic fields (PEMF) and VariPulse (VP). Venus Legacy shapes and scults the body non-invasively, reduces cellulite, tightens and revitalizes the skin of the face, neck and decolette, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

The radiofrequency of Venus Legacy achieves incredible results in tightening the skin and decreasing the double chin and the volume of the face, neck, and zones of the body. Venus Legacy is a non-invasive method, which uses multipolar radiofrequency and pulsating magnetic fields, which heat up the tissue evenly from inside out. Venus Legacy creates a thermic reaction in the tissue, by stimulating the natural recovery reactions of the body, increasing blood circulations and lymphatic circulation in the zone. The results which can be observed are a decrease in cellulite, a visible tightening of the skin and decrease in localized fat stores. The treated zone immediately gets a tighter and smoother appearance.

Venus Legacy by Venus Concept is the only machine which delivers 150W multipolar radiofrequency, and is extremely effective in tightening the skin in the bottom third of the face and double chin, where, with time, the change in shape for women is very visible. Most patients connect the procedure with Venus Legacy with a pleasant and relaxing feeling. There is no recovery period and the patients can return to their usual activities immediately after. Venus Legacy also has a FDA-certificate (it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA) for treatment of some of the visible signs of aging like wrinkles on the face. It is proven that radiofrequency lifting with Venus Legacy tightens the skin, improves circulation and gives a more youthful appearance to the face and neck.

Venus Legacy

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