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THALGO is an exclusive French line, a doubtless expert in Marine cosmetology with more than 50 years of experience in skincare. THALGO explores the oceans to find active substances with unrivalled powers for regeneration, hydration, stimulation and nourishment of the skin.

The outstanding effects of marine active elements for balancing, revitalizing and mineralizing the organism have been known for thousands of years. Euripides has figured that “the sea heals all diseases”, and in the beginning of the last century the French scientist Rene Quinton, Ph.D. has proven that “sea water and human blood plasma have big structural similarities, and consequently – a common origin.

Every THALGO product concentrates the efficiency of marine active molecules and is created in the strictest requirements and safety standards, to offer a perfect, exclusive, professional care for every woman in the world.

A unique approach to every client, special reception, precise skin diagnosis, personalized therapy, exclusive massage techniques, amazing consistencies, compelling scents, visible and long-lasting results are in the basis of the THALGO philosophy – a symbol of professional perfection and an unbeatable experience.

All THALGO cosmetic therapies are performed by specially educated therapists by a mandatory protocol, which includes a few consecutive steps:

A signature Thalgo massage introduces you to the therapy, and invites you to relax. Your senses are soothed, and breathing is regulated. You are relaxed and the skin is more receptive to the skincare products.

“Marine immersion” is an important step to the completing the skin cleanse. Fresh and free from make-up and other impurities, the skin is ideally ready to the main part of the cosmetic therapy.

The energizing spray, Thalgo’s exclusive beauty secret, offers the remineralising power of the marine active molecules. Sprayed on the skin, it energizes it and restores its balance and natural strength.

Thalgo has an effective, targeted and complete response to every skin problem. The last step of every therapy offers a specific approach, combined with an appropriate manual technique and the application of a professional mask.


Thalgo believes that every woman is unique, and so it offers cleaning and active products with different aromas and textures, adapted for the specific needs of the skin.

Cleansing Marine Immersion

Thalgo Хидратация

Every therapy begins with this sensory ritual by THALGO – an introductory massage, which will make you feel the surrounding power of the sea. It will relax you maximally, the gentle smoothing movements will make you hear the sound of the waves, and the pleasant pressure by the hands of your cosmetologist will bring you to an island far away. This face cleansing is similar to stroking, thanks to the soft brushes, with which in an elegant way a cleansing regenerating cream is introduced to the skin. A cleansing with a warm towel follows, hugging the face and decollate and spreading the pleasant fragrances of the special Water essence with etheric oils. To achieve a maximal cleansing effect and prepare the skin for the main part of the therapy, a fine exfoliant is applied. It combines enzyme and mechanical peelings with a deep cleansing effect. This is achieved by papaya enzymes, fine exfoliating particles from almond shells, combined with sea salts, and a biopolymer with a plant origin to cleanse the pores. The ending of this cleansing ritual by THALGO is the application of the dynamic spray Embruns Vivifiants, rich in distilled sea water and microelements that stimulate cell functions and noticeably improve the penetration of the main active ingredients of the products in the skin.

THALGO therapies are performed by

Active marine cosmetic THALGO
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