THALGO - active marine cosmetics

THALGO is an exclusive French line, an undisputed expert in Marine Cosmetology with more than 50 years of experience in skin care. THALGO explores the riches of the Ocean to extract active ingredients with unparalleled properties to regenerate, hydrate, nourish and stimulate the skin.

The extraordinary effects of marine active elements to balance, revitalize and remineralize the body have been known for millennia. As early as Euripides, it was established that “the sea cures all diseases”, and at the beginning of the last century, the French scientist prof. René Quinton proved that “Sea water and human blood plasma have great structural similarities and therefore a common origin.

Each THALGO product concentrates the efficacy of marine active ingredients and is designed according to the strictest requirements and safety standards to offer perfect, exclusive, professional care to every woman in the world.

A unique approach to each client, a special welcome, accurate skin diagnosis, personalized treatments, exclusive massage techniques, amazing consistencies, captivating fragrances, visible and lasting results are the core of THALGO’s philosophy – a symbol of professional excellence and an unrivalled experience.

All THALGO beauty treatments are performed by specially trained therapists following a mandatory protocol that includes several sequential steps:

Oxygen saturation

A specific THALGO massage introduces you to the therapy and invites you to relax. Your senses are calmed and your breathing is regulated. You are relaxed and the skin is more receptive to the cosmetic products.

The “sea dip” is an important step for a thorough cleansing of the skin. Fresh and free of impurities, the skin is perfectly prepared for the main part of the beauty treatment.


The Energizing Spray, THALGO’s beauty secret, provides the remineralizing power of marine active ingredients. Sprayed onto the skin, the spray energizes it and restores balance and its natural protection.

Active Care

THALGO has an effective and comprehensive answer to every skin problem. The last step of each treatment provides a specific approach combined with appropriate manual technique and the application of a professional mask.

THALGO therapies

THALGO believes that every woman is unique and therefore offers cleansing and active products with different fragrances and consistencies adapted to the specific needs of the skin.

Cleansing sea immersion

Each treatment begins with this sensory ritual by THALGO – an introductory massage that will make you feel the enveloping power of the sea. It will relax you as much as possible, the gentle stroking movements will make you hear the sound of splashing waves, and the pleasant pressure of the aesthetician’s palms will take you to a distant island. Cleansing your face is similar to stroking, thanks to the soft brushes that elegantly apply the regenerating cleansing cream. This is followed by cleansing with a warm cloth, wrapping the neckline and face and diffusing a tempting aroma of the special Water Essence with essential oils. To maximize the effect and prepare the skin for the main part of the treatment, a fine exfoliant is applied that combines enzymatic and mechanical peeling and a deep cleansing effect thanks to papaya enzymes, fine exfoliating almond shell particles combined with sea salts, and a plant-derived biopolymer to cleanse the pores. The finishing touch to this true THALGO cleansing ritual is a spritz of Embruns Vivifiants Dynamizing Spray, rich in purified seawater and trace elements that stimulate cellular functions and greatly enhance the penetration of the products’ key active ingredients.

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