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Fotona is a company with over 40 years of experience in the field of laser technology, whose motto is:

The highest performance, best made laser systems in the world

There are generally two types of laser rejuvenation treatments that achieve remarkable results. Non-ablative is the method of heating the skin in depth, and ablative is the one that gently removes the superficial layer of the skin. Both laser treatment methods aim to reduce deep and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and erase the traces of sun damage. Simultaneously, they soften bumps and acne scars, lighten pigmentation and reduce stretch marks.
Non-ablative method At the heart of this method is the process of remodeling collagen, which is the “backbone” or structural support of the skin. Over the years, collagen bonds weaken, skin relaxes and wrinkles form. One of the lasers we work with at Skin Line is Fotona’s Nd:YAG (infrared, 1064 nm) laser, based on the latest technological advances , which performs what is known as a Frac 3 treatment. In contrast to other technologies, here a 3-dimensional and non-ablative treatment of the skin is applied by selectively and gently heating the collagen structures. This method visibly improves the appearance, turgor and firmness of the skin, while simultaneously lightening pigmentation due to sun damage. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure, often referred to as a “lunch break facelift”

How does the skin look after the Fotona laser rejuvenation procedure?

Most patients do not experience any visible change after the procedure. Using a CT scanner, the entire face is carefully treated in small areas using laser pulses. If desired, the neck can also be treated. The procedure lasts about 30-45min and is suitable for all skin types.

How many Fotona laser rejuvenation treatments are needed?

Just as one workout is not enough to shape and tighten the muscles of the body, a series of several treatments – a minimum of 3-4 , with an interval of 4-6 weeks – are needed to achieve maximum results. Maintenance treatments are recommended to prolong the process of stimulating collagen formation.

How long after rejuvenation with Fotona lasers will there be a visible result?

The purpose of the procedure is to stimulate the production of its own collagen, so the results may not appear instantly. Changes are registered gradually and are noticeable after a few weeks, even months. Of course, patients of different ages and health conditions are affected individually. As a result of the new collagen formation, up to about 40% firmer skin can be achieved.
Ablative method Exceptional results have been recorded in treatments with Fotona’s other type of laser used at Skin Line -Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm). Several treatments can be performed with it, the most current and effective one is the one using pixelated or fractionated light, applicable in case of: the need for peeling, skin polishing /riserfacing/, age spots, the presence of wrinkles and loose skin, bumps, lesions, keratoses, nevi, etc. The technology very successfully affects scars from acne or other traumas, as well as stretch marks.

There are 3 types of ablative peels for rejuvenation with Fotona lasers:

  • Surface peeling – gently polishes the surface layer of the skin and gives it a fresh and radiant look
  • Medium deep peel – smooths the epidermis and removes the effects of sun damage. Wrinkles are erased by heating the skin in depth.
  • Deep peel – polishes, smooths bumps, scars, wrinkles, affects pigmentation, tightens and shapes the facial oval, visibly refreshes and rejuvenates. After the procedure the skin is slightly reddened , but recovers within 2-3 days . During this period and afterwards intensive hydration is necessary. The result is impressive, a few treatments can turn back the years.

How does Er:YAG (infrared, 2940 nm) work?

The light of the Erbium:Yag laser “exhibits an affinity” for water, and the energy into which it is converted is absorbed by the water in the surface layer of the skin. This unique ability, and the processes it provokes, literally erases the traces of sun damage. Dramatic are also the changes found in the condition of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. It’s time for laser rejuvenation at Skin Line – special prices and packages

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