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Radiesse – Collagen Stimulator

Дермален филър Radiesse

We all want to look younger and to maintain the freshness of our skin for longer. Improving our appearance makes us feel more confident and increases our self-esteem and feeling of harmony. 50% of men and women in Europe are concerned about aging.

The results of a survey conducted on women who use the services of aesthetic medicine show that more than half of respondents are afraid that as the years pass, they lose their appeal, confidence and youthful appearance.

Aging is caused by:

  • Genetic factors

  • External factors

  • Harmful habits – smoking, alcohol, excessive sun exposure, stress

The aging processes can be positively impacted by:

  • A healthy lifestyle

  • Balanced diet

  • Physical exercise

Aging, before being visible on the surface, starts deep in the skin. The young face is characterized by clear and well-defined contours. The collagen in the skin provides elasticity, volume, as well as tightness and smoothness of the skin.

As the years pass, our skin loses moisture, tone and elasticity. The production of natural collagen decreases, wrinkles appear, the face contour loosens.

The cycle of tissue loss is characterized by:

  • loss of tissues which structure the face

  • a change in the quality and appearance of the skin

  • slower skin regeneration processes

  • a full loss of collagen


Radiesse stops this cycle by:

  • stimulating collagen and regenerating the youthful appearance

  • restoring the natural beauty

  • lifting and contouring by a long-term stimulation of collagen

  • immediately filling and smoothening medium to deep wrinkles

  • lifting and contouring by creating volume – a consequence of stimulating new collagen synthesis

  • rejuvenating the skin by improving its quality in the long term

  • activating the tissue cell regeneration

Radiesse is safe and effective. It not only compensates for the lost volume, but also stimulates the natural process of collagen synthesis, increases the density of the skin and builds up elastic fibers through mechanical stimulation, which leads to long term rejuvenation and improved skin quality.

Radiesse is a dermal stimulator, which can be applied in consideration of the specific requirements of the patient. It contains calcium microspheres (CaHA), implemented in a water-based gel carrier.

Radiesse works in two different ways. In the first three months, the injections act as a cosmetic filler, by satiating the skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines on the face. After that, the microspheres stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as the tissue growth in and around the injection zone. As time passes, the gel is absorbed, while the collagen synthesis continues in the treated zone.

After the gel is broken down by the body, the improvement of the skin quality can continue up to 12 or more months.

Radiesse is also an attractive product for men. It can be used to correct the face and restore lost volume, to contour and to rejuvenate the skin and upkeep the youthful appearance.

Radiesse effects:

  • Immediate filling and smoothening of the desires zone – face, neck and décolleté, hands

  • Lifting

  • Contouring of the lines of the face – cheekbones and jaw lines, chin

  • Improved skin quality – density, elasticity and new collagen.

  • Immediate and long-term results – 12-18 months.

Radiesse is the first and only FDA approved injectable filler with a high degree of safety, proven with more than 7 million patients worldwide.

Collagen stimulator
Radiesse 1.5ml 900lv

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