3 x Biostimulation with polynucleotides for eye contour Pluryal Silk 2ml

3 procedures Biostimulation with polynucleotides for perioral contour Pluryal Silk 2ml

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Biostimulation with polynucleotides for perioral contour Pluryal Silk 2ml
Pluryal ® Silk tightens the skin of the face and body on the one hand, and effectively regenerates sensitive areas of the body on the other to provide a soft skin surface.
Pluryal ® Silk regenerates the skin on different parts of the face and body. Whether it is the eye contour, the corners of the mouth, the neck or even the abdomen or inner thighs, the silk improves skin hydration and texture, perfectly counteracting the signs of fatigue. In addition, this dermal filler effectively reduces fine lines in younger skin. The innovative solution of polynucleotide and additional ingredients combine to nourish and revitalize the skin, leaving it soft and supple. This is why the name Pluryal ® Silk was chosen for this product.

What made Pluryal ® Silk an indispensable product
Pluryal ® Silk is a viscoelastic, pyrogen-free and sterile dermal filler that can be used in a variety of ways, especially in different areas of the body. On the one hand, sensitive areas of the face, such as the contour of the eyes, the corner of the mouth, the neck, cleavage or acne scars on the face, and areas of the body – breasts, inner thighs, abdomen and stretch marks – can be treated. Acne scars are reduced in addition to peels or endoscopic balloon dilation, and postpartum stretch marks on the abdomen are also reduced in combination with EBD treatment. Pluryal ® Silk-Filler can generally increase skin moisture content, improve skin texture and structure, and regenerate skin metabolism. In addition to all these functions, it also reduces the fine lines of younger skin, leaving an overall velvety soft and firm complexion. For this reason, this product is called Pluryal ® Silk, based on the English word “silk”. This product is one of three products in the Densifier PN range, which also includes Pluryal ® Densifiy. Like Densify, Silk contains polynucleotide, a highly concentrated and pure ingredient that is absorbed by the skin and provides a deep moisturizing effect. Thanks to this substance and the combination of other, equally effective ingredients, the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and above all more regenerated. Thus, this product offers everything needed to achieve a beautiful, youthful complexion as well as increased self-confidence.

What treatment areas does Pluryal ® Silk cover?
This filler regenerates and firms the skin in various areas of the face and body. These are: scalp, forehead, eye area (eyebrows), cheekbones, corner of mouth, neckline, chest, abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks. In addition, Pluryal ® Silk can be used to treat acne scars and stretch marks by using this product in combination with EBD (endoscopic balloon dilation) or peel treatments.

How long does the result last after treatment with Pluryal ® Silk?
As this intradermal product can be repeated every 6 months, a treatment lasts up to 6 months to achieve the longest lasting results. However, this figure varies from client to client.

What conditions should be considered for the duration of the effect of Pluryal® Silk?
The duration of the effect as well as its intensity may vary depending on the client’s skin condition as well as other aspects. These are, for example, the age, the lifestyle of the client or the injection technique applied to this product.

How should Pluryal ® Silk be applied?
This dermal filler can be implanted intradermally and with a thin needle, for example 30G, into the skin. Thanks to the special properties of this product and its ease of use, any part of the body can be treated. Pluryal ® Silk is also versatile in terms of the injection technique used, as this gel can be applied via the tunnel, point, cross and fan techniques, as well as various new, non-invasive techniques.

How many treatments with Pluryal ® Silk should be done?
To achieve the longest lasting and most satisfactory result, this product should be applied every month for 3 months. After these three sessions, the treatment can be repeated every 5-6 months. This rhythm of application ensures a lasting positive result.

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