Belkyra – double chin treatment


Double chin is a common aesthetic problem that affects a large number of adults and has not usually been treated effectively so far. Regardless of diet or exercise, fullness in the double chin area does not disappear and makes people feel older and heavier than they really are. Belkyra® is the only approved therapy tailored to the individual needs of the patient, which irreversibly breaks down the fat cells under the chin forever. In America, this product is trademarked Kybella®.

Belkyra® contains deoxycholic acid – the active ingredient that helps break down and absorb dietary fats in the body.

Belkyra® is a quick and easy non-surgical injection therapy that can be done within 15 to 20 minutes with visible results after only 2 to 4 procedures, with the maximum number of therapies performed with Belkyra® being 6. The interval between procedures is at least 1 month. 80% of patients treated with Belkyra® share satisfaction with the results of the appearance of their face and chin. After achieving the desired results, re-treatment is not necessary. This product progressively improves the appearance of the chin.

On the next working day after the purchase, we will call you at the phone number specified in the order to reserve an appointment for your chosen procedure.

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