Mesotherapy to stimulate hair growth

Mesotherapy to stimulate hair growth is an injection procedure. It has been used for decades to restore the shine and volume of thinning hair and to stimulate the hair roots, strengthen it, strengthen it and make it more vibrant. Mesotherapy cocktails activate hair growth, improve its elasticity, strength and density. Superficial microinjections are placed just below the epidermal layer of the skin in the respective tissues to stimulate the natural regeneration and cell proliferation of the hair follicle.

Mesotherapy is used in women and men to treat hair loss caused by medical treatment due to stress, disease, hormonal imbalance, alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, prevention and more.

Mesotherapy uses a double-acting process that involves both chemical and mechanical stimulation of the affected area through multiple injections.

Мезотерапия за скалп

The mesotherapy solution, which is injected into the scalp, contains a combination of specific trace elements, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, growth peptides, nucleic acids and coenzymes, specially selected according to the unique needs of the patient. The treatment restores the functionality of the skin and enhances cell metabolism, improves blood circulation in the scalp, hydrates and nourishes the scalp, stops hair loss and strengthens the hair roots. Awakens dormant follicles and provides stable growth of new and healthy hair and gradually restores hormonal balance.

Trained mesotherapy for scalp doctors

Mesotherapy for scalp

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