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Mesotherapy for hair growth stimulation

The mesotherapy for hair growth stimulation is an injection procedure which has been used for decades to restore the hair shine and volume, to stimulate the hair roots, and make them healthier and vital. The mesotherapy coctails injected in the superficial scalp layers activate the hair growth and improve their elasticity, strength and thikness.

The mesotherapy for hair growth is appropriate for men and women for hair loss treatment caused by medicament’s stress, other disease, hormonal disbalance and others.

Мезотерапия за скалп

Mesotherapeutical solution for injection in to the scalp contains combination of specific micro elements, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, growth peptides and co enzymes, specially selected according to the specific needs of every patient. The treatment restores the skin functionality, boosts cells metabolism, enhance blood circulation in the scalp area, hydrates and nourishes the skin, stops the hair loss. Awakens the sleepy follicles and ensures stable regrowth of new and healthier hair.

Mesotherapy for scalp is performed by

Mesotherapies for Scalp

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