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Project Description

Meso Threads Lead Fine Lift

Mesothreads by Lead Fine Lift are a system of a needle and a thin monofilament thread put inside it.

Mesothreads are exceptionally fine, almost invisible, and are intended for implantation in the soft tissues. The material from which they are made (polidioxanon) guarantees high tolerance and lack of allergic reactions.

The mesothrads are inserted subcutaneously and the thread is separated when the needle is removed from the skin and stays implanted.

The thread is reabsorbed in the time period of 180 to 240 days, and the bio-revitalizing effect continues.

The implanted in the tissue thread improves the color and smoothness of the skin. It also has an antiaging effect.

Lead Fine Lift is produced by a patented technology by Medifirst – a Korean scientifically-manufacturing holding. High tech equipment and sterile environment are ensured during production. CE, ISO, GMP, KFDA are the certificates, that guarantee the quality of the product. Lead Fine Lift has the biggest market share in Korea, Japan, and Russia.

Types of meso threads

Linear mesothreads

Polidioxinan (PDO) mesothreads, which are used for biorevitalization of the skin, contouring and lifting of different zones of the face and body.

Zones of application

  • Bioarming of the face and body

  • Face contour

  • Periorbital zone

  • Wrinkles (crow’s feet and others)

  • Contouring of the body

  • Decreasing cellulite

  • Special applications (improving the muscle tone, lipolysis, accupuncture)

Spiral meso threads

In the spiral mesothreads (Screw) the thread is wrapped around the needle as a spiral, and in this way the surface area with the tissue is increased and collagen production is stimulated. They are used for a targeted local lifting and increasing of the volume.

Zones of application


  • Nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth

  • Double chin

  • Eyebrow lifting

  • Forehead and cheeks


  • Breast lifting

  • Smoothening of the decolette

  • Lifting of the extra tissue over the elbows

Barb II mesothreads

Barb II mesothreads are the most powerful threads for lifting specific parts of the face and body. They have two sided cuts which are used in order to attach themselves to tissue when they are pulled for the best possible lifting.

Zones of application


  • Correction of gravity effects in the middle and bottom part of the face

  • Correction of face shape (cheekbones)

  • Lifting of the submental zone (under the chin) and the neck


  • Breast lifting

  • Lifting of the upper arms

  • Lifting of the extra tissue over the elbows

  • Correction of the fat accumulated over the knees

  • Lifting of the bottom

The doctors in Skin Line – Laser & anti-aging clinic are trained and certified for the application of mesothreads Lead Fine Lift.

Threadlifting with mesothreads at Skin Line

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