Meso Threads Lead Fine Lift

Lead Fine Lift

The Lead Fine Lift Mesoconics are a system of a needle and a thin monofilament thread inserted into it.

Mesoconics are extremely thin, almost invisible and are designed for implantation in soft tissues. The material from which they are made guarantees high tolerance and no allergic reactions.

The thread is introduced subcutaneously and detaches with the removal of the needle, remaining implanted under the skin.

Implanted in the tissues, the thread improves the color and smoothness of the skin and has a rejuvenating effect.

The threads are made of polydioxanone and resorb within 180-240 days, and the biorevitalizing effect continues its action.

Lead Fine Lift are manufactured using patented technology by Medifirst, a Korean scientific and manufacturing holding company. High-tech equipment in sterile conditions is used in their production. CE, ISO, GMP, KFDA are the certificates that guarantee the quality of the product. Lead Fine Lift have the No.1 market share in Korea, Japan and Russia.

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Types of Meso threads

Linear Meso threads

Barb II mezokonci

Polydioxanone (PDO) mesoconcs that have been used for skin biorevitalization, contouring and firming of various areas of the face and body.

Areas of application

Barb II 4D cannula

barb II 4d

The Barb 4D cannula mesoconductors are an L-type injection-guide cannula system and a polydioxanone filament incised in 4 planes.

Areas of application

Barb II Anchor Cannula

Barb II Anchor

LFL Anchor is a resorbable mesoconical of PDO (polydioxanone) produced by a unique method for a stronger and prolonged lifting effect for up to 12 months, produced on a press technology without cutting.

Areas of application

The physicians at Skin Line – Laser & anti-aging clinic are trained and certified to insert Lead Fine Lift mesocontacts.

Placement of mesoconci in Skin Line

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