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Our body is our temple – maybe you have heard those words. But what is the true meaning behind them? The physical tone and appearance of the body are interconnected elements of our sense of self, confidence and emotions. The human body is a temple because is requires care, love and attention – just like how we take care of our spiritual and intellectual growth.

Thanks to the new technologies and achievements in medicine, today we can take care of our health and appearance way more efficiently. The high quality cosmetic, aesthetic and surgical options are the solution to hundreds of conditions, which people just had to accept in the past.

It is no longer necessary to hide your hips, if you are worried about the so-called orange-peel skin. It’s also unnecessary to worry if you have gone through the difficult transformation of pregnancy and motherhood and they have marked you with stretch marks, unwanted fat formations or pigmentation of the skin. Every person encounters different challenges and stages in life, and our body carries the marks of each change.

The need to popularize the best practices and innovations in professional aesthetic care inspires Skin Line clinics to inform about the benefits of including technologies to treat cellulite, stretch marks, fat deposits. In the following text, you will learn more about our injectable procedures for the body.

Injectable procedures - what are they?

Injectable procedures, as the name suggests, are methods of injecting active substances under the surface layers of the skin with a different therapeutic purpose. Some of the most popular ones include Botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen and mesotherapy.

Even though they are more known as procedures for the face, they can be applied with the same success to different zones of the body.

Today we will discuss their applications for the most popular aesthetic problems on the body.

Treatment of stretch marks

Stretch marks are some of the most common lines on our bodies, which can suggest drastic weight fluctuations, hormonal problems or growth spurts during puberty. They most often occur on zones with soft tissue such as breasts, hips, stomach.

The white lines are caused by connective tissue which has lost its elasticity due to stretching, or breaking down of the collagen and elastin fibers. They cannot be 100% restored, but can be successfully treated.

Smoothing of cellulite

According to mass studies, cellulite is often called one of the most unpleasant aesthetic problems for women. It appears as bumps or waves on the skin and is caused by the uneven deposition of fat. It can be caused by many complex factors: an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disbalance, slower metabolism, skin type and others.

Treating cellulite requires an individual approach, based on many studies and offering the final result desired by the patients. Some options to treat it include a balanced diet and mechanical massages, but aesthetic medicine offers truly revolutionary solutions.

Treatment of local fat deposits

The concentration of fat in different zones of the body can look very unpleasant when it is excessive and not proportional. We all know that the stomach and love handles are some of the most prone zones to this phenomenon. No matter if it is caused by changes in the metabolic processes or an unhealthy lifestyle, the problem must be addressed.

Firstly, because it may cause discomfort, to impact self-confidence negatively and change the ability to go about one’s daily life and secondly because it is connected to health problems such as the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others. Some studies even connect obesity to a higher risk of breast cancer.

Injectable procedures - mesotherapy

What is mesotherapy? Before we answer this question, we will make one clarification – mesotherapy can be injectable or machine-based (“needle-free mesotherapy”). Now we will focus on the injectable one, but we will also discuss some advantages of machine-based procedures.

Mesotherapy consists of the introduction of aminoacids, minerals, vitamins and hyaluronic acid under the surface layers of the skin with needles. Unlike different creams and serums, which are applied topically, mesotherapy works in depth and has a larger effect.

As the epidermis acts as a barrier which protects the organism from external factors, cosmetic products cannot easily cross the natural skin barrier. Mesotherapy overcomes this problem by acting under this layer to successfully deliver the elements needed for the health and good appearance of the skin.

The method is widely applied and usually divided into three main categories – for the face, for treatment of hair loss, for the body. Today we will focus on the benefits of mesotherapy to overcome problems such as stretch marks, cellulite and unwanted fat deposits.

Mesotherapy for body

Mesotherapy for the body is an approach which stimulates the metabolic exchange proceses and the function of the nervous system. The regeneration of skin cells is also boosted by mesotherapy, improving on the whole tone and appearance of the skin.

The combination of ingredients or the so-called “cocktail” is prepared by the specialist, depending on the therapy and the protocol for the specific problem. The depth of injection also depends on different factors. The application of the injections themselves is either done manually or using a specific meso-gun.

Mesotherapy is a great alternative to surrgical procedures and some of its advantages are its speed, the wide sample of patients who show a good response to it, and lastly, the side effects of its application are negligible.

Mesotherapy for treatment of cellulite

Mesotherapy for treatment of cellulite has a few different options. One of them is for the doctor to choose the active ingredients and combine them between the procedure. In Skin Line, we have chosen another approach – one product, which combines effectiveness and safety – Celluform.

Celluform is applied to treat cellulite and water retention in the body. It uses patented active ingredients, which dissolve the fat deposits and assist their natural inclusion in the metabolism. The effect is a fully revitalized skin with better elasticity.

The therapy is not done all over the body, but in specific zones. They can include the hips, buttocks, stomach, arms. Even though there are visible results after even one session, the recommended number of procedures is between 3 and 6. Their exact amount depends on the individual condition of the problematic zone.

Help your body correct the problem with metabolic exchange and turn fat into energy – the mesotherapy in Skin Line is especially good for this purpose. The combination between deoxycholic acid, nicotinamide, phosphatidil choline and soy lecitin assists those processes naturally.

Mesotherapy for treatment of local fat deposits

The therapy here focuses on the benefits which deoxycholic acid has on fat dissolvement. This is an acid, which is seen naturally in the body, and its active role in the process of fat emulsion is what makes it key to dissolving fat cells.

Again, the procedures are focused on problem areas such as arms, stomach and knees. The product which we choose in Skin Line is Pluryal BodyContour. It also contains phosphatidilcholin, which is an agent that liquifies fat cells. The reason for this choice are the years of clinical studies, which prove the definitive effects of the two active ingredients.

Mesotherapy for treatment of stretch marks

The mesotherapy for treatment of stretch marks in Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics employs the natural resources of the body to create a fully natural therapy based on the individual needs of the patient to assist the process of regenerating the tisues.

We use a special protocol developed by Dr. Damevska, which we call Signature PRP for stretch marks. What is the Signature PRP therapy? This is the re-injection into the body of the autologous (own) blood plasma rich in thrombocytes of the patient. Our signature is combining this plasma with specific active ingredients depending on the individual needs.

Plasmotherapy, using the patient’s own blood, has two main benefits. On the one hand, it stimulates the stem cells of the skin to divide, and on the other – using the enrichment with microelements and vitamins it creates a good environment for their development.

This therapy has many advantages. Firstly, there is no chance to have an allergic reaction, as the patient’s own organic material is used. In addition, the therapy has a long-term effect. The procedure takes around 40 minutes, it shows quick results and can be combined with other therapies.

Combinations between injectable and machine-based procedures

Sometimes some problems are too stubborn or the combination between many factors causing them requires a complex approach to achieve optimal results. Specialists in dermatology use this approach as they have rich experience, access to big bases of results and use those to create the best strategy for each individual condition.

Combining non-ablative laser Lumenis ResurFX and ablative CO2 laser

When we discuss the treatment of stretch marks, we must know that this process is very hard to reverse, but treating stretch marks with resurfacing procedures can achieve great and fast results, while being safe and quick for patients.

LPG Alliance and InMode BodyFX

When treating cellulite, in Skin Line we rely on the power of LPG – a leader in mechanical procedures for fat reduction, to overcome the factors which cause the so-called orange peel skin. There are different types of cellulite, but the universal effect of LPG is what makes the technology so well-known.

Another method which we use to treat cellulite is the Venus technology. To get good results here, it is very important to follow all steps of the therapy. It works by “training” the cells. The radiofrequency and magnet impulses make the fat cells smaller in their 28 day life cycle.

LPG Alliance and Morpheus8

We already mentioned how good LPG is for tightening, revitalizing the skin and treating local fat deposits. It can be combined with some of the above-mentioned injectable procedures, after a consultation with one of our specialists, to gift yourself with a regenerative and rejuvenating effect which is truly worth it.

Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency method for stimulating the synthesis of collagen and remodeling of fat tissue. It is equally good for men and women and can assist in the treatment of scars, stretch marks, acne and many other skin issues. The procedure has minimal risks and requires a very short recovery period.

What else should we know?

All procedures which we offer in Skin Line Aesthetic Clinics are based on detailed research, strong clinical processes and years of priceless experience. Many of them employ the best of the existing and developing technologies of today.

It is important to underscore that a big part of the problems described here are mainly effects of our lifestyle. This means that good prevention and post-procedure care will improve your overall condition.

This includes a higher physical activity, if your lifestyle is currently sedentary, while a balanced diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is key to the health of the organism. We remind you that unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol or the use of other substances are detrimental.

Do not forget how important hydration is. Water takes part in all processes in the body and is the base to our existence. Drink enough water in all seasons, especially when you are physically active.

If you have questions or want to try one of the procedures we discussed, you can always contact us. We will happily answer all of your questions.

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