Hydra Glow – a professional cosmetics system

Hydra Glow is an innovative machine for an all-encompassing level of care for the face. This revolutionary system, using 7 applicators can do: cleansing, detoxification, oxygenation, hydration, nourishment and regeneration of the skin.

Hydra Glow’s Technologies

1. Hydra abrasion and peeling

Hydra abrasio

The procedure is developed using the revolutionary new technology “Vortex”. This innovative method uses multiple concentrated water solutions, each of which is specially developed for a different skin type. The system is suitable for unproblematic skin as an alternative to classic manual extraction or after classic facial cleansing as after care.

Each procedure is done using a specific nozzle, which creates a controlled vacuum. It is used to gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin, remove the dead cells and impurities. The liquid solutions cleanse, polish and tone the skin of the face. The procedure is completed with a hydrating, nourishing and calming solution, which evens out and brightens the complexion. Hydra abrasion can be used not only for cleansing the face, but also for decreasing the appearance of mimic lines, pigmentation spots and sunburns.

The procedure could be done 2-3 times monthly.

2. Oxy Vibro

Oxy vibro

Using a vibrating motion, this applicator creates a high amount of bubbles, enriched with CO2. This carbon dioxide rich atmosphere facilitates a physiological reaction called Bohr’s effect – the tissues become enriched with oxygen, the blood circulation in the zone is increased. This causes the skin to appear younger and tighter, while decreasing mimic lines.

3. Oxygen Mesotherapy

This procedure is an alternative for the injectable mesotherapy. Oxygen mesotherapy is a revolutionary method for enriching the skin with pure oxygen. The method works by using a stream with 98% oxygen, which is under pressure and can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

The powerful enriching of tissues with oxygen contributes to freshness, tone and smoothness of the skin. The skin of the face immediately after the procedure is glowing and looks slightly pink.

Eight effects of oxygen mesotherapy:

  • Removes impurities, brightens and evens out the tan

  • Balances dry and oily skin and hydrates it for a long period of time

  • Enriching the skin with the necessary quantity of oxygen increases cell activity and porousness, slows down aging;

  • Improves substance turnover in the cells, causing an easier disposal of toxins;

  • Increasing the oxygen concentration in the skin increases its resistance to pollutants in the environment, increases immunity, has antibacterial effects, decreases oil secretion and helps acne problems;

  • Reduces age spots, fine lines; makes the skin smoother in appearance;

  • Activating the oxygen into the cells stimulates the synthesis of collagen, making the skin healthier and more elastic;

  • Helps restore skin damaged by invasive procedures (peelings, laser treatments and others); restructures the cells, improves absorption of nutrients and the functions of the skin.

The therapy can be done once a week. The recommended treatment course is around 6 procedures.

4. Multipolar radiofrequency lifting for the face

Radio freqency

The usage of multipolar radiofrequency is an anti-aging method that has been proven in time for sculpting, contouring and lifting of the face. This procedure does not require a recovery period.

The first few procedures restore the tone of the face and make its appearance fresher. The swelling of the face as a result from fatigue, lack of sleep and stress decreases visibly. The next procedures tighten the oval of the face and reduce the double chin.

The method has been tested in six leading centres for aesthetic medicine in the USA and has been officially approved by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002. The machines capable of radiofrequency lifting are now used in 72 countries around the world.

As the radiofrequency waves go through the skin, its temperature increases, causing a contraction of the tissues while stimulating synthesis of new collagen. This is a controlled heating of the derma and subdermal tissues, which causes the loose collagen fibres to become shorter and tighter, without any damage.

Blood circulation and oxygen concentration in the tissues are improved, causing toxins and CO2 to be expelled more easily. The procedure improves the tone of the skin and makes it tighter and denser.

Optimal results are usually achieved after 10-12 procedures, when they are done in intervals of 7-10 days.

5. Bipolar radiofrequency biolifting for the eye zone

An applicator especially developed for the delicate zone around the eyes – drains swelling, decreases appearance of fine lines, lifts the eyebrows and optically “opens” the eye

6. Ultrasound penetration of active substances


The applicator uses a high-frequency ultrasound energy of 1MHz, which effectively breaks down the molecular structure of ultrasound serums inserted in the applicator to very small molecules.

This way, they can easily go through the skin barrier and penetrate under its surface, causing smoothing and hydration of the skin.

7. Hot-Cold Therapy

Hot and cold

This therapy is based on the combined effects of Cryotherapy and Warm Therapy:

Cryotherapy/cooling is an effective finishing step of every therapy. It can slow down blood circulation and cool down the skin. Cryotherapy tightens the pores, while the active ingredients are “closed in” the skin, making their effects last longer in time. Cooling therapy is excellent for calming down irritated or flushed skin, as well as before any injection procedures, to cool down the zone that is to be treated and decrease discomfort during the procedure.

The warm therapy is an alternative to the vapozone. The warm applicator opens the pores before a cleansing therapy and facilitates the removal of impurities. The procedure stimulates and improves the microcirculation of the blood and helps the absorption of active nutrients in depth.

Hydra Glow therapies

  • Hydra Glow – a complex therapy for deep cleansing, hydration and shine
    makeup removal with, opening the pores with warm therapy /vapozone, Hydra peeling with milk/salicylic acid, Hydra abrasio and vacuum extraction, application of hydrating and toning concentrate with microjet, hyaluronic mask, cryotherapy, cream 
  • Hydra Glow – Oxygen mesotherapy with microjet
    makeup removal, opening of the pores with warm therapy, exfoliation, introduction of active ingredients with oxygen microjet, cryotherapy, vibromassage, cream 
  • Hydra Glow – Lifting of the face and zone around the eyes with multipolar and bipolar radiofrequency and BIO lifting 
    makeup removal, warm therapy, exfoliation, RF/ BIO lifting of the face and zone around the eyes, application of hydrating and toning concentrate with microjet, cryotherapy, vibromassage, cream  

Hydra Glow is done by

Cosmetic platform Hydra Glow
Hydra Glow – a complex therapy for cleansing, hydration and shine with Babor cosmetics145lv
Hydra Glow – Oxygen mesotherapy with microjet with Babor cosmetics

Hydra Glow – Lifting of the face and zone around the eyes with multipolar and bipolar radiofrequency and BIO lifting with Babor cosmetics145lv
RF Biolifting - therapy for the eye contour40lv
Cosmetic platform Hydra Glow
Hydra Glow – a complex therapy for cleansing, hydration and shine115lv
Hydra Glow – Oxygen mesotherapy with microjet

Hydra Glow – Lifting of the face and zone around the eyes with multipolar and bipolar radiofrequency and BIO lifting115lv

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