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Hydra Glow is an innovative device for complete professional facial care. This revolutionary system, through 7 applicators performs : cleansing, detoxification, oxygenation, hydration, nourishment and regeneration of the skin.

Hydra Glow technologies

1. Hydra abrasion and peeling

The procedure was developed using the revolutionary new technology “Vortex”. This innovative method uses several concentrated aqueous solutions to cleanse the skin, each specifically designed for a different skin type. The system is suitable as an alternative to classic manual extraction for non-problematic skin or after a classic facial as a maintenance treatment.

A precise nozzle is used for each treatment which produces a controlled vacuum. Thanks to it, the stratum corneum of the skin is gently exfoliated, dead cells and impurities are removed. Liquid solutions cleanse and polish and tone the facial skin. The treatment ends with a hydrating, nourishing and soothing solution that evens and brightens the complexion. In addition to facial cleansing, Hydra Abrasio can also be used to soften expression lines, pigment spots and sunburn.

The treatment could be done 2-3 times a month.

2. Oxy Vibro

Thanks to a vibrating motion, this applicator produces a large amount of bubbles enriched with CO2. This carbon dioxide-rich environment causes a physiological reaction called the Boron effect- tissues are saturated with oxygen, blood circulation in the area is increased. This leads to rejuvenation and tightening of the skin, reduction of mimic wrinkles.

3. Oxygen mesotherapy

This procedure is an alternative to injectable mesotherapy. Oxygen mesotherapy is a revolutionary method of further saturating the skin with pure oxygen. The method delivers a jet of 98% oxygen that is delivered under pressure and is able to penetrate deep into the skin.

4. Multipolar radiofrequency facelift

The application of multipolar radiofrequency is a time-tested anti-aging method for sculpting, contouring and facelifting. No recovery period is necessary with this procedure.

The first few treatments restore facial tone and refresh. Facial puffiness due to overwork, lack of sleep, stress is significantly reduced. With subsequent treatments, the oval of the face is tightened, the double chin is reduced.

The technique has been tested in six leading aesthetic medicine centers in the USA and in 2002 was officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration – USA. Radiofrequency facelift devices are now used in 72 countries worldwide.

When radiofrequency waves pass through the skin, its temperature rises, this causes tissue contraction and stimulates the formation of new collagen. This is a controlled heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, in which loose collagen strands are instantly shortened and thickened without damage.

Blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the tissues is increased and the release of toxins and CO2 is accelerated. The procedure also improves skin tone, it becomes firmer and denser.

Optimal results are usually achieved after 10-12 treatments, done at intervals of 7-10 days.

5. Bipolar radiofrequency biolifting for the eye area

Specially designed applicator for the delicate eye area – drains puffiness, softens fine lines, lifts the eyebrows and optically “opens” the eye.

6. Ultrasonic penetration of active products

The applicator delivers high-frequency ultrasound energy of 1MHz, which effectively breaks down the molecular structure of ultrasound serums placed inside the applicator to very small molecules.

Thus, they easily pass through the skin barrier and penetrate easily below the skin surface, resulting in smoother and hydrated skin.

7. Hot-cold therapy

The basis of this procedure is the combination of the effects of Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy:

Cryotherapy/cooling is an effective final step of any therapy. It has the ability to slow blood flow and soothe and cool the skin. Cryotherapy shrinks the pores and the active ingredients are “sealed” into the skin and their effects are prolonged over time. Cooling therapy is excellent for soothing irritated or flushed skin, as well as before injection procedures to cool the treatment area and reduce discomfort during therapy.

Warm manipulation is an alternative to vapozone. The warm applicator opens the pores with pre-cleansing and facilitates the removal of impurities. The treatment stimulates and improves microcirculation of the blood and promotes the absorption of active nutrients in depth.

Eight effects of oxygen mesotherapy:

Therapies with Hydra Glow

  • Hydra Glow – Complex treatment for cleansing, hydration and shine (up to 60 min.)
    Demakeage, vapozone/heat therapy, Hydra peeling with lactic/salicylic acid, Hydra abrasion and vacuum extraction, injection of hydrating and toning concentrate with microjet, hyaluronic mask, cryotherapy, cream
  • Hydra Glow – Oxygen mesotherapy with microjet (up to 60 min.)
    demakeage, heat therapy, exfoliation, introduction of active product with oxygen microjet, cryotherapy, vibro massage, cream
    Hydra Glow – face and eye area lifting with multipolar and bipolar radiofrequency and BIO lifting (up to 60min.)
    demakeage, heat therapy, exfoliation, RF/BIO face and eye area lifting, injection of hydrating and toning concentrate with microjet, cryotherapy, vibro massage, cream

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