Hyaluronic Fillers Stylage by Vivacy


Vivacy® Laboratory is a European company based in France whose strategy is to create, together with physicians and medical professionals, reliable and efficient innovative products that bring real advantage and scientific progress. As a result, Vivacy® Laboratory’s patients benefit by using the products and obtaining immediate, reliable and as natural results as possible.


The Stylage® range of products was created with this in mind – to provide hydration, to fill in wrinkles, lip lines, skin depressions, to correct asymmetries and scars, to sculpt the overall facial contour.

Stylage® is a new monophasic resorbable product based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained through the patented IPN – Like® technology.

Facial remodeling, erasing a few wrinkles, restoring hydration, freshness and firmness of the skin, restoring its radiance and vitality – these are the ever-increasing demands of women and men who wish to preserve their capital – youth.

The patented IPN-Like® technology, the presence of natural antioxidants the specifications of the Stylage® range guarantee the use of a safe and reliable product with high performance.

Thanks to the different products (S, M, L, XL), according to their purpose, Stylage® fills superficial and deep wrinkles – nasolabial, marionette, glabellar, forehead, crow’s feet, fine lines around the mouth, remodels the shape and contour of the face (cheekbones, sunken cheeks, facial oval, lip contour and volume), corrects various types of scars (from acne, etc.), improves the overall hydrobalance of the skin.

Stylage Преди След

Results are immediate, and Stylage®’s innovative technology provides up to 12 months of duration with an excellent degree of biocompatibility, for a prolonged and natural action.

Range of products

Stylage гама

product for correction of fine to medium wrinkles

universal product for smoothing medium and deep wrinkles, lip contour and volume

designed for deep to very deep wrinkles

for shaping cheekbones, chin, oval

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