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The Vivacy® laboratory is an European company with headquarters in France, strategy is the creation of safe and effective innovative products that bring a real advantage and scientific progress, together with doctors and medical professionals. As a result the patients of Vivacy® Laboratory benefit when using the products, as they receive immediate, safe and most natural results.


Having this goal in mind, the line of products Stylage® was created. It ensures hydration, fills wrinkles, lips, skin depressions, corrects assymetries and scars, and models the oval of the face as a whole.

Stylage® is a new monophase resorbable product made on the base of netted hyaluronic acid, created with the patented technology – IPN – Like®.

Remodeling of the face, removal or some wrinkles, hydrating and restoring the natural freshness and tightness of the skin, bringing back its glow and vitality – those are the continuously growing wishes of man and women, who want to keep their youthful appearance.

The patented technology IPN-Like® and the inclusion of a natural antioxidants and the specification of the Stylage® line guarantee the use of a safe and trustworthy product with high ratings.

Stylage гама

Stylage® has four different variations – S, M, L, XL and thanks to that it can fill up surface and deep wrinkles with the most appropriate product. It is effective for nasolabial, marionette, glabellar and forehead wrinkles, fine lines around the mouth. It can also remodel the shape and contour of the face such as cheekbones, cheeks, the overall face oval, contour and shape of the lips. It is able to correct different kinds of scars such as acne scarring, while improving the hydrobalance of the skin as a whole.

The innovative technology by Stylage® ensures instant and long-term effects up to 12 month with an excellent degree of bio-compatibility, for an extended and natural effect.

Product line

  • Stylage S – 0,8 ml – a product for correction of fine to medium lines.

  • Stylage M – 1,0 ml – a universal product for smoothing medium and deep lines, contour and volume of the lips.

  • Stylage L – 1.0 ml – a product intended to fill deep and very deep lines.

  • Stylage XL – 1.0 ml – a product made to shape cheekbones, chin contour, the face oval as a whole.

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