Geneo+ – Supertherapy 3 in 1

The cosmetic platform GeneoO+ by PollogenLumenis is an innovative, patented, and clinically proven technology. GeneoO+ redefines the term cosmetic procedure, by combining consequently a few basic therapies. The combined effect of the different methods achieves incomparable results for an overall deep hydration, rejuvenation and refreshing of the skin. In addition, GeneoO+ ensures the cells will be satiated with oxygen in a natural way.

The machine GeneoO+ is a platform consisting of 3 technologies. Each one of them has a separate, but also an intertwined effect.

The technologies of GeneO+

1. OxyGeneo®

3 in 1 procedure, which includes EXFOLIATION, as well as saturating the cells with oxygen /OXYGENIZATION/ and prepares the skin for the deep penetration of active products, creating a partial INFUSION

2. Ultrasound


Facilitates the absorption of active substances /INFUSION/ by accelerating the cell metabolism and blood circulation, increases moisture retention, tightens pores and drains swelling in the zone around the eyes.

3. Multipolar RF

The safest radiofrequency for deep tissue heating and stimulation of new collagen formation. Tightens and lifts the skin, decreases wrinkles, redefines the face contour.

1. The technology of OxyGeneo®?

  • OxyGeneo® uses the unique tablet of Pollogen, Capsugen, which contains bicarbonate of soda and limonic acid. The exclusive gel of Pollogen contains natural and active products.

  • The effect of OxyGeneo® is created on the surface of the skin when Capsugenencounters the rich in active substances gel.

  • Because of the interaction between the two products, Capsugen becomes abrasive and exfoliates the skin.

  • The chemical reaction generates СО2.

  • This rich in CO2 environment creates a physiological reaction, called the effect of Bohr /BOHR /– a gas exchange in the tissues, increased saturation of the tissues with collagen, and an increase in blood circulation, increase of O2 enriched blood in the zone, and the cell metabolism in the zone. 

Процедурата OxyGeneo®

OxyGeneo® works with two types of gel – Neo Revive and Neo Bright, products with different ingredients, uniquely formulated to solve different aesthetic problems.

Neo Revive формула – подмладяваща грижа

NeoRevive  tightens and lifts, rejuvenates and smoothens the skin, brightens grey tan and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

NeoBright формула – изсветляваща грижа

Brightens the skin tan, decreases the appearance of pigmentations and evens the tan, affects skin that has been harmed by the sun.

Active ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid – – increases hydration and stops the loss of moisture. Thanks to its property of binding with water, hyaluronic acid creates volume, density and elasticity to the skin, and therefore smoothens the wrinkles.

Retinol – a substance derivative of vitamin A, clinically proven for an increase in collagen and new skin cell synthesis. It is known to be one of the best anti-aging solutions.

Peptides –  stimulates collagen synthesis, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Peptides are small protein fragments, which increase the skin’s ability to retain liquids. Combined with hyaluronic acid, a synergic effect is created which facilitates regeneration and restoration of the skin.

Изсветляваща терапия

Active ingredients:

Azelaic Acid – a chemical agent for treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven tan and decreasing the activity of cells, which synthesize pigments.

Кojic Acid – a natural product retrieved from mushrooms, which suppresses the synthesis of melanin. When combined with azelaic acid, there is a synergic effect of lightening and brightening.

Retinol –a substance derivative of vitamin A, clinically proven for an increase in collagen and new skin cell synthesis. It is known to be one of the best anti-aging solutions.

The procedures with OxyGeneo® include 2 steps:

Step 1 – Combined effect of Capsugen tm and Neo Revive/ Neo Bright, which brings:

– Mechanical exfoliation

Exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin, using a vibrating massage to remove dead cells. The regeneration of the epidermis is stimulated, pigmentations are minimized, microcirculation and lymph drainage are improved, the skin regenerates

– Delicate chemical peeling

A combination of different acids smooths and rejuvenates the skin and prepares it to accept active ingredients.

– Infusion

Capsugen® cleans the skin, prepares it for infusion of active ingredients: NeoRevive ™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright ™ for brightening and improving skin texture.

– Oxygenation of the skin /oxygen enrichment/

The effect of OxyGeneO® generates CO2 bubbles, which are released on the skin surface and create a physiological reaction, by sending oxygen rich blood in the treated zone. This process increases the capillary circulation and the skin metabolism. Oxygenation of cells leads to an optimum absorption of the active substances.

Step 2 – Neo Massage

After cleaning the face with the vibrating massage, the gel rich of active ingredients Neo Revive or Neo Bright is applied.

2. Ultrasound technology

The ultrasound massage on the treated zone will:

  • Increase penetration and absorption of the active ingredients,

  • Gently warm up the tissue and improve cell metabolism and blood circulation.

  • Improve the retention of moisture in the skin, tighten the pores, drain the swelling in the zone around the eyes, improve tan.

Neo Massage can be performed with the applicator of GeneoО+® for ultrasound treatment.

3. RF / Multipolar radiofrequency

As a part of the procedure for the GeneoO+ therapy, a preparation step of treating the zone with the RF applicator can be included. Radiofrequency is a popular method used in medical technology for more than 75 years. Today, it is a golden standard in aesthetic medicine. Multipolar radiofrequency heats up the tissues in depth while protecting the surface of the skin. In aesthetic medicine this method is used to tighten and lift the skin, shape the contour of the face and decrease wrinkles. When applied for longer, radiofrequency stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the tissues. The therapy with GeneoO+ can start with radiofrequency treatment in patients with more mature skin, which needs tightening, smoothening and lifting, after which the procedure with OxyGeneo can be performed.

Visible results even after the first procedure:

  • Revitalizes, brightens and refreshes dull skin and grey tan

  • Tightens wide pores

  • Hydrates and improves moisture retention in the skin

  • Lightens pigmentations and prevents their future appearance

  • Softens wrinkles and slows down the appearance of new ones

  • Lifts and smoothens the skin

  • Drains swelling around the eyes

  • Activates new cell creation

The procedure is safe, painless, gentle and can be used for all skin types, including sensitive.

Conducting the therapies with GeneoО+®

Active therapy – 4-6 procedures, one every week;

Maintaining therapy – 1 every month

GeneO+ is done by

GeneO+ in Skin Line

Cosmetic therapies
Cosmetic platform Geneo+
OxyGeneo Anti-age/Whitening + Ultrasound
Face, Neck, Decolletage160lv
Face, Neck, Decolletage, Hands180lv
OxyGeneo Anti-age/Whitening + Ultrasound + Multipolar radio frequency
Face, Neck, Decolletage190lv

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