Fractional Laser Piling

We are born with young, fine and smooth skin but, with the passing of years, age, heredity and gravitation work against its perfection. The excessive sun exposure, smoking, and acne   affect the healthy skin appearance. Fine and more expressed wrinkles, pigmentations, marks and lack of elasticity become more and more visible. Skin color becomes dull and skin loses its natural luster and vitality.

Лазерен фракселен пилинг

After many years of in-depth studies, a team of experts, internationally recognised in the sphere, presented the fractional laser and the fractional peel method which combines the advantages of ablative laser resurfacing and non-ablative therapies.

Fractional peel performs a controlled process of precise renewal of the superficial and deep structural skin layers by using the body’s own healing mechanisms to form new, young cells and to build and gently remodel the collagen.

Working principle

Fractional  laser emits thousands of microbeams that penetrate in epidermis, enter deep in derma and form microscopic columns of tissue coagulation called microthermal zones /МТZ’s/. The energy of microbeams performs ablation in microscopes in the dermis, where old collagen and excess pigment are subjected to thermal effects to be destroyed and fibroblasts are stimulated to form new collagen fibers.

They are surrounded by healthy tissue which remains unaffected as skin is treated in small “portions”, selectively. As a result of this process new, young and active skin without aesthetic deficiencies appears in the treated areas. The “fractional” treatment extraordinarily shortens recovery time, in comparison to the chemical or traditional laser peel whereby whole skin surface is treated at once.


Fractional laser peel is a revolutionary progress: a perfect combination of effectiveness, safety and minimal recovery period which covers the tracks of time. It is one of the most successful methods for treatment of acne scars, of oily and acne prone skin, for removal of superficial pigmentations and irregular complexion. Upon indications like age-related changes and photo-damaged skin, fractional laser peel is the perfect anti-ageing therapy not only for the face but also for zones like neck, decollate, hands, the delicate zone around eyes, etc. Skin, turgour and elasticity condition improvement is immediate and progresses over time; skin looks more supple, smooth, fresh and tight.

Лазерен пилинг деколте
  • Removal of fine lines and deep wrinkles

  • Removal of pigmentations

  • Lifting effect

  • Levels the relief of skin with acne scars, enlarged pores or other unevenness

  • Improves the condition of skin with hyper and hypotrophic scars after traumas and operations

  • Removal of strech marks


Лазерен пилинг ефект

The effect is striking still after the first procedure but usually series of three, four procedures are recommended, repeated in intervals of 3-4 weeks, depending on peel depth and skin condition. Final improvements are seen 2-3 months after completion of the last therapy. Side effects are minimal and usually reduced to slight erythema, like upon sunburn, light edema, burning and stretching sensation which go away within several days. Application of moisturizing and nourishing product supports recovery, and application of SPF 50 sunprotective product is compulsive for a long period of time.

The procedure is performed by qualified dermatologist physicians after a precise consultation.

Skin Line clinicshave two high-tech fractionated laser systems – Er:Yag(IR, 2940 nm) in Varna and СО2 (10 600 nm) in Sofia and depending on the parameters that the specialist prescribes individually for each patient, the laser peeling can be superficial, moderate and deep laser peel.

Types of fractional laser peel at Skin Line

Fotona Dualis

Fotona Dualis SP

Er:YAG (2940nm) laser peel

Trained laser peeling doctors 

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