Fractional Laser Peel with CO2 (10 600 nm)

Say goodbye to your old skin, its spots and imperfections. With Ecomed CO2 Ultrapuls, a laser system with Fractional Scanner II you can achieve a maximum result quickly and with a minimum recovery period. The new fraxel scanner by Ecomed works 5 times faster than any other similar laser. 

How does the Fractional laser peel work?

Ecomed CO2 Ultrapuls  creates a laser ray sized 80 micrometers with a speed of 500 impulses per second. Using the Fractional Scanner II, it affects a zone sized 18x18mm for less than a second and evaporates dots from the epidermis with a sizes of 400 to 1200 microns, while the rest of the skin remains unaffected. Depending on the desired effect, Fractional Scanner II can achieve a density of evaporation from 49 (7×7) to 484 (22×22) dots per square centimeter. The highest the density of evaporation (degree of ablation), the better the effect, and the longer the patient’s skin needs to recover. The fraxel peeling is an alternative of the full laser peeling, which evaporates the top layer of the epidermis completely.

What does the patient feel during the procedure?

As the laser ray evaporates micro points of the skin, the patient feels prickling at big speed. As the degree of ablation rises, so does the discomfort from the procedure.

CO2 Ultrapulse Scanner

What is the expected result from the procedure?

CO2 peel before after

Fraxel peeling evaporates a part – between 20% and 40% – of the epidermis and heats the skin in depth. The healthy /unaffected/ part of the skin helps reduce the recovery period of the affected skin. As a result, the affected layer of the epidermis is replaced by a new one. Synthesis of new collagen is stimulated. The skin is rejuvenated, its density increases, it becomes more elastic and appears more youthful. Surface wrinkles and spots on the skin decrease.

What is the recovery period? 

Depending on the individual traits of the patients and the extent to which the epidermis is affected, the recovery period can last between 24 and 72 hours. During a period between the first few minutes to the first few hours, the skin appears red and irritated /similar to a sunburn/. The application of a hydrating and sun protecting cream with SPF 50+ is necessary. After this period of discomfort, the redness of the skin disappears and the patient can return to their everyday activities, if they avoid sun exposure and use a hydrating cream.

How many procedures are necessary?

Depending on the age of the patient, the desired result and the degree of ablation, 2 to 4 procedures are needed. They are performed in an interval of 1 month, but the result is already visible after the first procedure.

In what cases is a fraxel peeling with CO2 laser used?

  • Laser rejuvenation

  • Acne scarring

  • Stretch marks

  • Wrinkles

  • Pigmentations

  • Photo-pigmentation

Laser therapies FacePrice
CO2 Fractional laser peel (10 600nm)
Superficial peel 550lv
Deep peel 650lv
Ultra deep peel 750lv
Treatment of acne scars, stretch marks, post-surgical scars - area 5х5сm
Treatment of acne scars, stretch marks, post-surgical scars - area 10х10сm

Laser rejuvenation
Face and Neck

Face, Neck and Décolleté

Deep laser regeneration of photodamaged skin

Treatment of red acne scars, rosacea, seborrhea, perioral dermatitis180lv
Тreatment of onychomycosis – 1 nail 30lv
Тreatment of onychomycosis – 1 limb 120lv
LaserFacial 120lv

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