Laser Fractional Facial Peeling with CO2 Laser

Say goodbye to your old skin, wrinkles, spots and blemishes. Laser resurfacing with the Ecomed CO2 Ultrapuls CO2 Laser System with Fractional Scanner II can now achieve maximum results, quickly and with minimal recovery time. Ecomed’s new fractional scanner works 5 times faster than any other similar laser.

How Fractional Peeling Works

The Ecomed CO2 Ultrapuls emits an 80 micrometer laser beam at a speed of 500 pulses per second. Through the Fractional Scanner II, it traverses an 18/18 mm area in less than a second and vaporizes 400 to 1200 micron dots of epidermis while leaving the rest of the area untouched. Depending on the desired effect, the Fractional Scanner II can achieve vaporization densities from 49 (7×7) to 484 (22×22) dots per square centimeter. The higher the evaporation density (degree of ablation), the better the effect and the longer the patient’s recovery time. Fractional resurfacing is an alternative to full laser resurfacing, in which the top layer of the epidermis is 100% vaporized.

CO2 Ultrapulse Scanner

What the patient feels during the procedure

As the laser beam vaporizes the micro dots from the skin, the patient feels prickles at a high speed. Depending on the degree of ablation, the discomfort of the procedure increases.

CO2 peel before after

What is the expected outcome of the procedure?

Fractional peeling vaporizes a portion – between 20% and 40% of the patient’s epidermis and heats the skin in depth. The healthy / unaffected / part of the skin helps the affected part to recover quickly. As a result, the damaged epidermis layer is replaced with a new one and new collagen synthesis is stimulated. The skin is rejuvenated, plumped, more elastic and youthful looking. Superficial wrinkles and skin blemishes are reduced.

What is the recovery period?

Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and what part of the epidermis is affected, the recovery period can last from 24 hours to 72 hours. In the first few minutes to a few hours after the procedure, the skin is red and painful as after a sunburn. The use of moisturizer and sunscreen with SPF 50+ is a must. After this period of discomfort, the redness subsides and the patient can return to their normal activities provided they avoid sun exposure and use moisturizer.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on the age of the patient, the desired result and the degree of ablation, 2 to 4 treatments are needed at intervals of 1 month, but results are seen after the first treatment.

In what cases is fractional peeling with CO2 laser used?

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