Fotona Dualis Laser System

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One of the laser systems Skin Line Varna works with is the equipment of Fotona, a world leader with over 50 years of tradition in the design, development and production of laser technologies.

The specialists at the clinic use the professional, multifunctional Dualis laser system, which includes therapeutic lasers in the near and mid-invisible infrared range, as well as a guiding beam in the visible spectrum. The guide laser is a semiconductor diode laser, wavelength (650 nm).

Effective and safe laser scanner hair removal

For laser hair removal is used Nd:YAG (infrared, 1064nm) of Fotona, which is equipped with a scanner – MedArt Scanner Model 923, a modern technology that makes it possible to adjust the parameters of the treated area and the size and power of the laser spot. The variable orthogonal pulse allows excellent control over the laser energy and laser pulse length. The system automatically compensates the energy of the treatment beam and adjusts it to the selected spot size. In this way, a match between the energy of the therapy beam and the set value of the Energy parameter is achieved. This guarantees exceptional precision, speed and excellent control of the procedure.

Fotona Dualis SP

Zimmer MedizinSystems’ Cryo 6 self-contained cooling system, with cooling capabilities down to -30°C, is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort, pain-free and burning-free during aesthetic laser procedures.

Er:YAG (infrared 2940 nm) is a laser that emits light with a wavelength in the infrared region of the spectrum.

Thanks to the unique VSP Technology: Precision, Safety and Power, Fotona has set new standards in terms of safety and precision laser technology.

Other procedures with Dualis laser system

Dualis Fotona

The specialists at Skin Line Medical Center are trained and certified by the manufacturing company.

All Fotona laser systems are manufactured under the strictest quality control and are authorized to carry the CE mark.

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