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Skin is our main organ of beauty, touch, pleasure and sensuality

The skin is made up of three layers, each of which plays a key role in maintaining healthy-looking skin.

1. The deepest layer is the hypodermis, made up of fatty tissue that supports the other two layers above it.

2. The middle layer is the dermis. It consists of collagen and elastin for shape and elasticity, which in young healthy skin are constantly renewed. Older skin is prone to sagging and wrinkles due to reduced levels of collagen and elastin. Blood capillaries, hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands are also found in this layer. With age, the sebaceous glands become less active and the skin becomes drier and more prone to forming fine lines.


3. The top layer, or epidermis, is where the crucial cell repair takes place. In your skin, cells are replaced approximately every 15-30 days. As we age, this process takes twice as long.

How does non-surgical facial aesthetics help?

There are two main components to facial aging:

  • dynamic lines, as a consequence of muscle hyperactivity
  • static lines, due to volume loss
  • Treating these two main components of facial aging leads to natural, harmonious and better results:

Botulinum toxin relaxes hyperactive muscles and therefore treats dynamic facial lines
Juvederm – the range of hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers – restores lost volume and treats static facial lines by supplying the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid content

What happens to your skin as you age?

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Visible aging begins and the skin starts to replace aged cells more slowly


As collagen and elastin break down, more fine lines form and the delicate skin under the eyes thins.


Deeper lines form around the mouth and eyes. Wrinkles appear on the forehead and the circles under the eyes can grow into bags. The skin becomes significantly drier.

45г. +.

The skin becomes thinner, partly due to hormonal changes, becoming more sensitive to environmental irritants and allergens. The skin loses much of its strength and elasticity.

50г. +

Age spots appear; which usually occurs in over 90% of fair-skinned people.

There are two main components of facial aging:

1. Dynamic lines – muscle hyperactivity

Glaberal lines
2. Static lines – volume loss

  • Cheek volume
  • Creases around nose and mouth
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Lip contour
  • Oral commissures
  • Lip volume
  • Marionette lines
  • Chin and jaw volume

Tricks for beautiful skin

There are a few key steps you can take to protect your skin. By doing these, you protect not only your beauty, but also your largest organ. Follow the tricks and tips presented below that will help you stay healthy and beautiful.

Clean outside and inside

Start your day with a glass of hot water with lemon juice to help your body remove toxins. Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin and counteract lack of moisture

Protect your skin

Even in winter, we are exposed to the UV rays, so protect your skin with creams with the appropriate SPF. If you’re at the beach or skiing, use creams with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Maintain your health

Eat healthy foods and make sure your menu includes at least five fruits or vegetables a day. Exercise and get enough sleep at night.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is one of the factors for premature aging. It causes wrinkles to form and constricts the skin’s thin blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen it needs.

Limit skin exposure to hot water

Warm water cleanses the skin as well as hot water without drying it out. Finish the shower with body oil or lotion.

Moisturise well

Moisturizing protects your skin’s natural barrier, which retains moisture in your skin and keeps it soft and supple. It also protects against environmental influences.

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