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Dermal Fillers /hyaluronic acid/

Aging is a process causing anatomic and cell changes which are expressed in superficial and deep wrinkle formation, reducing cheek and lip volume, format re-configuration and facial contour sagging, lack of elasticity and dull skin appearance. These changes are due to the loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue, decreased synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It is one of the most widespread polysaccharides synthesized by the body, main structural component of the connective tissue and together with the proteins connected with it; they build the basis of the intercellular substance. It is proven to have an exclusive ability to attract and retain water with weight nearly one thousand times bigger than its own weight and thus to create volume and firmness, to keep the optimal hydrobalance of the skin, to increase its elasticity and to slow down the aging processes.

Хиалуронови филъри

Stabilized hyaluronic acid which is used in the so called dermal fillers (injections) is the most popular non-permanent /fully resorbable/ material successfully applied by the specialists for years for aesthetic non-surgical corrections connected with soft tissue loss. Hyaluronic acid obtained by bio-technology is characterized by a high purity and very good biocompatability.

Filler procedures are preferred because they take short time and recovery is rapid, the risk of side and allergic reactions is minimal, and the aesthetic results are immediate and natural.

The duration of the injection effect is individual, but it generally lasts for up to 10 – 18 months.

Besides restoring the normal hydrobalance of the skin, hyaluronic acid stimulates fibroblasts to produce own collagen. Clinical experience shows that subsequent procedures and corrections with dermal fillers, mesotherapy and Botox, use of quality cosmetic products and sunprotector can preserve the youthful and healthy appearance of the skin for a long time and improve quality of life.

Dermal fillers are becoming more and more popular treatment. In the recent past, they were timidly used to replenish single wrinkles and enhance lips, and nowadays they are one of the main means for non-surgical face lift and complete facial sculpting, incl. cheeks, chin, zone around the eyes, forehead, etc., for corrections on neck, decollate, hands, uneven skin, scars and asymmetries.

Modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry advances at exceptionally quick rates. Companies producing dermal fillers uninterruptedly conduct scientific researches and advanced developments of already existing products and completely new fillers appear on the market every year.

The dermatologist physicians of Skin Line Clinic Sofia and Varna are certified and trained to work with all hyaluronic fillers registered on the Bulgarian market. 

Филър за устни

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product, contained in the body. It is a powerful tool for hydrating the skin and creating volume in zones with tissue loss. Hyaluronic acid is used in aesthetic medicine, as well as in other fields such as injecting in joints to treat arthritis, in eye surgery and others.

The injection process takes 15-20 minutes. You also need to account for a short consultation time before the procedure.

The smooth consistency of hyaluronic gels allows for smooth and easy injection. A big part of the products also contain a small percentage of lidocaine to decrease pain during injection and increase comfort. Additionally, a cream anesthetic is also applied before the procedure.

Yes – the aesthetic results are immediate. The results are obvious right after the procedure, but the final result develops over up to 2 weeks.

Absolutely not! You can have the procedure done in your lunch break and continue your work day right after.

Right after injection, you might notice redness, swelling or a feeling similar to that of bruising in the injection zone. The physician can tell you how to overcome this. We assure you that these side effects don’t take long to disappear and can be easily hidden with your everyday make up.

The effect is individual for everyone and connected to many factors, including:

  • age
  • zone of injection
  • injected quantity
  • skin quality
  • lifestyle
  • nutrition

We advice you to avoid using aspirin or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications before an injection of hyaluronic fillers. This will decrease the risk of bleeding in the injection zones.

A repeat injection is not necessary! Many patients want refreshing or repeated therapies to maintain the result they’ve achieved. Ask your physician for advice – you will also receive a passport of hyaluronic fillers with the date of your procedure.

No! The results achieved with dermal hyaluronic fillers are very natural and harmonious.

Hyaluronic fillers

Dermal fillers
Juvederm Ultra Smile 0,55ml 310lv
Juvederm Ultra 1ml460 - 500lv
Juvederm Volift 0,55ml340lv
Juvederm Volift/Voluma/ Volbella 1ml600lv
Juvederm Volux 1ml 700lv
Stylage400 - 460lv
Revolax400 - 450lv
Teosyal RHA340 - 550lv
Saypha355 - 365lv
Nose correction600lv
Dr.CYJ - hair filler320lv

Trained hyaluronic fillers doctors

Hyaluronic filler for lips in Skin Line Clinic

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