For many, summer is the most favorite season because it is generous of sunshine, warmth, positive emotions, long and full of endless possibilities. These are also the months during which most of us indulge in a well-deserved vacation on the mountain or the sea, collecting much-needed vitamin D in winter. Often, caught up in such pleasant experiences with the smell of salty breezes or cool pine forests, we forget that the largest organ in our body – the skin, needs special care because it is the first line of contact with the external environment. We all love the caress of the sun, but epidermis exposed to it without protection “suffers” and the effects can be: Pigmentation; Dryness and dehydration; Photoaging; Acne; Inflammation of hair follicles (Folliculitis). Once we send off the “afternoon of the year” – August, it’s time to pay attention to our skin and think about nourishing it after enduring the trials of summer. While there are many cosmetic products on the market, what you really need is not just a high-quality cream from a well-known brand, but a special dermatological care. At Skin Line, we know how important skin care is, especially professional skin care. For this reason, at the end of the scorching season, we have prepared more “hot” offers at special prices for a complete restorative and refreshing treatment. In the following lines, you will find out how the treatments performed with us not only restore the radiant appearance of the exhausted skin, but are also unsurpassed in efficacy for dealing with each of the listed problems.


Pigmentation is called the darkening of areas or spots and is due to the production of melanin. The secretion of this natural pigment depends on our exposure to the sun as it is our natural protection from harmful UV rays. The more intensely we are exposed to them, the darker our skin becomes.

And because its top layer, the epidermis, is constantly renewed, the dark pigment produced is deposited on the surface. This is the natural way we get a tan. But once our skin has been exposed too intensely to ultraviolet radiation, melanin production is excessive and pigmentation spreads unevenly.

As a result, we can see so-called pigment spots. It is a myth that the condition is only seen in people with lighter skin. In fact, all skin types are at risk of over-pigmentation, and the sun and advanced age are the two main factors directly affecting it negatively. That’s why timely, continuous sun protection is an essential method of dark spot prevention.

Other prerequisites for uneven darkening of areas on the face, neck and hands are: pregnancy, intake of certain medications, and injuries sustained. A balanced diet and vitamin intake can help your overall skin condition, but when it comes to professional care to address pigmentation that has already occurred, modern dermatology provides you with two excellent options:


Mesotherapy is one of the most effective achievements of aesthetic medicine. The treatment is carried out by introducing a variety of vitamins and trace elements into the layers of the skin, and the depth of the procedure depends on the condition being treated.

Mesotherapy is a particularly suitable method for treating a wide range of cosmetic problems: dark and age spots, scars, acne and many others. In this particular case, the cocktail of active substances will include specially developed components that help to regulate the darkening processes.

Laser therapy

This procedure for dealing with unaesthetic spots is based on the use of laser devices such as Lumenis Stellar and InMode Lumecca. Laser treatment is one of the most preferred and effective non-invasive methods for dealing with problem skin. Thanks to it, you will not only remove unwanted spots, but also the overall appearance of your skin will improve.

Give it the radiant look it deserves after the scorching days of summer – restore its freshness and health by nourishing it with one of Skin Line’s special treatments from our promotional campaign:

You can find out which of these treatments will best suit your skin type and have the best effect on you after a consultation with our specialists. We are here to answer all your questions.

Dryness and dehydration

Excessive exposure to sun, salt water and hot wind contribute to sensitivity, flaking, stretching, etc. These are two of the most common post-summer skin conditions – dryness and dehydration.

The majority of laymen do not differentiate between the two, but although they are similar, dry, or figuratively speaking – hungry skin, and dehydrated, thirsty skin, actually need careful specification of the deficiencies in order to best approach the choice of therapy.

Dry skin is characterized by reduced production of sebum, which feeds the epidermis. If it is insufficient, it ages rapidly, wrinkles, peels, looks withered and without natural radiance.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is not necessarily dry. It is characterised by a water imbalance due to a variety of factors, the most common of which are the natural ageing process and an unbalanced diet. After the age of 30, the condition is exacerbated as our skin finds it increasingly difficult to retain water.

In addition to drinking enough fluids per day, you’ll need a bit more serious arsenal to deal with dry and dehydrated skin. Here’s what our experts picked out for you:

Now let us explain more about the therapies themselves:

Geneo Hydrate

The Geneo Hydrate treatment is an ideal solution for dry skin and restoring its water balance, as it creates the conditions for accelerated cell renewal and stimulates the sending of oxygen to the skin. The combination of vitamin B5, argan oil and hyaluronic acid will tackle dryness, regenerate the damaged layer and support its natural barrier function.

Teosyal Redensity

This hyaluronic mesotherapy for the face and neck is designed specifically for dry skin and the prevention of wrinkles, as it restores tissue in depth. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is an agent that supplies the epidermis with oxygen and hydrogen, so the end of summer is no doubt the perfect time to take advantage of the Teosyal Redensity treatment.


Bright&Breathe is a treatment applied to depleted areas with the high-end cosmetic products of the world-renowned German brand BABOR to help naturally oxygenate the skin. The treatment involves not only topical treatment but also the inhalation of oxygen. The end result is a complete restoration of the skin.


Photoaging is the result of continuous exposure of the skin (mainly the face) to radiation from the sun. Dryness, loss of elasticity, pigment spots and the appearance of wrinkles are all visible signs of skin aging accelerated by UV rays.

Before we reach these visible scars, our skin has already undergone a number of structural changes, the synthesis of collagen and elastin has been disrupted, resulting in the signs of induced ageing. As we age and free radicals are produced, the cellular structure of the skin changes.

Even with the most diligent daily care routine, there is no way to provide all the necessary protection for your skin at home, and often sunscreens, nourishing and anti-aging creams cannot be combined and are not effective enough against the natural relaxation of the dermis.

At Skin Line, we offer several effective supertherapies to address the problem of photoaging. We are always on hand to give you a one-on-one consultation on which is the best solution for you:

Laser treatments are particularly suitable for smoothing fine lines on the face, and there is no age limit for patients. Another plus point is that they do not require any recovery period, and the natural collagen production stimulated by them continues to unfold their effects over time.


While it is often assumed that acne is a “disease” of puberty due to an imbalance in hormones in the adolescent body, the condition can actually be encountered at all ages to varying degrees. Symptoms are activated by overproduction of sebum after the summer season, use of improper cosmetics, intake of medicines, contact with polluted air or water, etc.

Although acne is a cosmetic and dermatological problem, it has a serious impact on the emotional state and self-esteem, so it should not be ignored. At Skin Line, you will find approaches for treating active acne as well as treating the scars caused by it.

Typically, treatment is prescribed by our specialist dermatologists who assess the skin condition and recommend the right method – laser therapy, mesotherapy or a combination of both. And now you can benefit from them at discounted prices:

The LaserFacial active acne treatment and prevention procedure also acts as a super cleansing treatment. Heating the dermis helps to remove redness and is a preferred way to treat rosacea as well.


Folliculitis is a dermatological problem that can affect any hairy part of your body, especially if it is exposed to mechanical scrubbing. The condition is an inflammation of the small cavities in the skin where hair grows. Conditions vary in intensity and can be short-lived or chronic.

Fungal and staphylococcal agents are the cause of folliculitis. And it consists in the formation of red pimples, sometimes with a purulent tip, on your skin and can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as itching. Among the factors contributing to the development of the condition are:

Wearing tight clothing;
sweating profusely in summer;
wounds from shaving;
reduced immune system functions.
This common condition is most adequately treated after an individual consultation with a dermatologist who will examine your skin and offer a comprehensive solution for both treatment and prevention.

What other care do we need after summer?

The autumn and winter months are particularly suitable to get rid of unwanted hair through the long-lasting and effective method of laser hair removal. In Skin Line clinics in Sofia and Varna you can benefit from a single laser procedure at a package price. Do the best for yourself.

You are also welcome to visit us in Plovdiv, where we can demonstrate the difference between diode and alexandrite laser on the spot. Which penetrates deeper into the skin, which is more suitable for large areas, which is the right choice for your skin type – you will find the answers to these and many more questions with our specialists.

Taking care of your skin is paramount – trust us with it.

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