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by: HILDA KRASTEVA | pictures: LPG Systems

LPG Medical

Among the most effective and enjoyable ways to get in shape is the LPG medical technology, which is primarily known as a solution for reducing body circumference, fighting cellulite and tightening skin. The only medical center in the country working with this equipment and with 21 years of experience with LPG technology is Skin Line. Since June, for the first time in Bulgaria, it is in Skin Line clinics that LPG Alliance Medical operates, having the latest generation of endermologie protocols for 7 conditions - back pain, scars and burns, women's health, overweight, lifestyle and sports, preparation before and recovery after surgery, fighting cellulite.

LPG medical machine


1. If left untreated, back pain worsens over time. LPG Alliance Medical’s special medical endermologie protocols mobilize tissue and stimulate circulation, reducing tension and pain.

2. Treatments stimulate the synthesis of the skin’s own collagen and elastin to enhance the skin’s natural regenerative processes. This allows treatment of scars and burns to begin soon after their formation.

3. Women’s health is another area benefited by LPG Alliance Medical. Improved circulation in the blood vessels and lymphatic drainage help to provide an instant feeling of lightness in the limbs, which alleviates the condition during pregnancy. The treatments are extremely suitable for scars after caesarean section. After menopause, LPG Alliance Medical “awakens” adipocytes to destroy fat, toning the skin by activating collagen and elastin synthesis. The treatments are also applicable after breast cancer – reducing post-operative conditions such as swelling and inflammation, reducing pain, restoring mobility and affecting scarring.

4. When it comes to excess weight, LPG Alliance Medical addresses areas of the body that are difficult to address through sports and diet. The treatments tighten the skin and help the body “dump” waste products through the lymphatic system.

5. The endermospa protocol is among the favorites of athletes and people who care about their appearance. In the hands of an experienced kinesiotherapist, LPG Alliance enables sports massages and faster muscle recovery after intense workouts.

6. Of course, LPG Alliance Medical is also applicable to the classic indications of LPG – treating cellulite and loose skin.

7. LPG Alliance Medical provides quick and effective rehabilitation before and after surgeries. Developed in collaboration with surgeons, physiotherapists and physiotherapists, the LPG Active Life programme thanks to endermologie technology prepares the tissues by softening them, reducing the risk of side effects and complications. In the post-operative period, LPG treats swelling and bruising, stimulates fibroblasts to restore skin elasticity and stimulate natural regeneration.

 Find the new LPG Alliance Medical in:

Skin Line Sofia – 12-16 Dragan Tsankov blvd, 1st floor, tel. 0882 614 814

Skin Line Varna – 53 Knyaz Boris I blvd, tel. 0888 614 914

Skin Line Plovdiv – 91 Maritza blvd, 1st floor, tel. 0889 614 844

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